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The History of Cinema: 1899





A scene from Georges Melies series of films about the court martial and imprisonment of Dreyfus (1899)

  Mar - Frederick Charles Wills begins shooting a series of government-financed films. [MORE]
    Johan A. W. Grönroos creates the first Finnish film company, Pohjohla.  [MORE]


  4/5 - A fire at an American Vitagraph show at a fairground in Cognac causes damage estimated at 50,000 francs. [MORE]
    Georges Melies
  Aug - Georges Melies films le Christ marchant sur les flots (Christ Walking over Water). [MORE]
  16/10 - Emile Reynaud’s eight-year tenure at the Musée Grévin is terminated. [MORE]
    Pathé make a film of Ferdinand Zecca's and comedian Charlus's burlesque act. [MORE]  
    Etienne Jules-Marey
    Etienne-Jules Marey patents a device to overcame a problem with the even spacing of pictures on his Chronophotographic projector system. [MORE]  
    Georges Melies makes a series of 11 films about the infamous Dreyfus case. [MORE] 


    Great Britain
  Mar - Edward Raymond Turner, backed financially by racing owner F. Marshall Lee, patents a three-colour motion picture projection system. [MORE]  
  Jun - Warwick Trading Co begin selling their Biokam camera. [MORE]
  Sep - R. W. Paul builds a film studio adjoining his Theatrograph and Animatograph factory. [MORE]  
    Cecil Hepworth
    Cecil Hepworth begins making films after being sacked by the Warwick Trading Co. [MORE] 
     Bamforth & Co, of Holmfirth, Yorkshire begin film production [MORE]


  Nov - Harischandra Sakharan Bhatavdekar, popularly known as Save Dada, films The Wrestlers, the first film made by a native Indian. [MORE]


  28/11 - Tsunekichi Shibata films a segment of the kabuki version of the Noh drama Momijigari, (Maple Viewing). [MORE]



South Africa


– The Boer War revives the flagging fortunes of the British film industry as cameramen are sent to cover the deployment of troops. [MORE]



    Don Ramirez, Spanish owner of a circus based in Constantinople, presents the first moving images in Turkey to the Sultan Abdul Hamid. [MORE]


  3/11 - The World Heavyweight Championship bout marks the first fight to be filmed under artificial light.   Although Biograph have the contract, Vitagraph also covertly film the match. [MORE]
    Siegmund Lubin
    Siegmund Lubin opens the Cineograph Theater, believed to be the first purpose-built cinema in the States. [MORE]
    Other FIlms of Note


    Georges Melies' Cenrillon (1899)

Cendrillon (Georges Méliès) [ADD]


L'Homme protée (Georges Méliès) [ADD]


Les Méfaits d'une tête de veau (Ferdinand Zecca)  [ADD]


Les Victimes de l'alcoolisme (Alice Guy) [ADD]


Great Britain

    George Albert Smith's The Kiss in the Tunnel (1899)

The Bombardment of Mafeking (Sir Robert Ashe) [ADD]


King John (W. K. L. Dickson) [ADD]


The Kiss in the Tunnel (G. A. Smith) [ADD]


The Last Days of Pompeii (Robert W. Paul) [ADD]


United States


The Tramp's Dream (Siegmund Lubin) [ADD]







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