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The History of Cinema: 1898








– Surgical pioneer Dr. Alejandro Posada becomes the first surgeon to have his work recorded on film. [ADD]



2/8 - .A Mishon produces the country’s first films and gives a public screening of them. [MORE]


Afonso Segreto
19/6 - Italian immigrant Afonso Segreto films Brazil’s first moving pictures at Guanabara Bay. [MORE]




Ferencz Echer gives the country’s first public screening. [MORE]



15/12 -

Vancouver sees its first film screening. [MORE]



19/6 - Jan Krizenecky shoots the country’s first films which he screens at an Architecture and Engineering Exhibition in Prague. [MORE]



Axel Petersen and Arnold Poulsen

Arnold Poulsen files a patent for his invention, the Telegraphone. [MORE]




25/3 - Boleslaw Matuszewski proposes an archive for all filmed material. [MORE]
  Charles Pathe
Jun -

Charles Pathe establishes a studio in a former bistro at 1 rue Polygone in Vincennes [MORE]

29/10 -

Lucien Reulos files a patent for his Micrograph. [MORE]


Auguste Blaise-Baron applies for a patent for his Graphophonoscope. [ADD]


Georges Melies films a series of reconstructing incidents from the Spanish-American War. [MORE]


Leon Gaumont opens a distribution subsidiary, the Gaumont Company Ltd, in London.   Under the management of A. C. Bromhead, it soon becomes a production unit. [MORE]


Lumière cameramen Clément-Maurice and Ambroise-François Parnaland film two surgical operations carried out by Eugène-Louis Doyen. [MORE]




Ernst Abbe

Ernest Abbe patents his invention, the Anamorphoser, upon which the principles of widescreen are based. [MORE]

  Oskar Messter
Oskar Messter films an operation at the Surgical Centre in Berlin. The film is used for educational purposes at Kiel University. [ADD]


Great Britain

8/6 - Birt Acres applies for a patent for his camera, the Birtac. [MORE]

William Norman Lascelles Davidson patents a triple-lens camera with three filters in the primary colours situated behind each of the lenses to film in colour.   [MORE]

Alfred Cort Haddon

Alfred Cort Haddon films the customs and cultures of the Torres Straits Islanders. [MORE]


Bamforth & Co in Yorkshire are apporached by Riley Brothers of Bradford, manufacturers of Cyril Wray's Kineoptoscope projector and camera, to produce films for owners of their equipment. [MORE]




– The first commercial screening takes place at the Place Kolokotronis in Athens. [ADD]




Projectograph, Hungary's first film company, is formed by Mor Ungerleider and József Neumann. [MORE]


– The first screening of a dramatic film made in Hungary takes place in this year.   It is called Siófoki Kaland. [ADD]




Hiralal Sen
4/4 - Hiralal Sen and his brothers establish the Royal Bioscope Company.  [MORE]


Leopoldo Fregoli
18/1 - Mimic and magician Leopoldo Fregoli screens films of his act at the Gran Circo delle Naples. [MORE]



– The world’s first filmmaking competition takes place in the tiny principality. [MORE]




Dr. Gheorge Marinescu

- Dr. Gheorge Marinescu and cameraman Constantin M. Popescu become Romania’s first filmmakers when Popescu films a number of Marinescu’s operations. [MORE]





Felix Mesguich

Lumière cameraman Félix Mesguich is expelled from the country after filming a Russian officer dancing with Caroline Otéro (La Belle Otéro), a famous dancer and courtesan. [MORE]



Fructuoso Gelabert Badiella

Fructuoso Gelabert Badiella shoots the first Spanish newsreel film in Barcelona.  It is entitled Visita de Doña Maria Cristina y Don Alfonso XIII a Barcelona and the footage is subsequently sold  to Pathé by Gelabert. [ADD]





Félix Oliver becomes the country’s first filmmaker. [MORE]




Apr -

Biograph cameraman W. K. L.  Dickson films Pope Leo XIII in the Vatican. [MORE]

15/2 -

The sinking of the USS Maine and the ensuing Spanish-American War revives flagging interest in cinema as filmmakers film re-enactments of key incidents in response to anti-Spanish sentiment aroused by the yellow press. [MORE]

Thomas Edison

Edison begins legal proceedings against Vitagraph and Biograph in an attempt to secure a monopoly over the film industry. [MORE]

Other Films of Note
Our Social Triumphs (Joseph Perry) [ADD]
George Melies' un homme de tetes
La Damnation de Faust (Georges Méliès) [ADD]
Faust et Marguerite (Georges Méliès) [ADD]
Un homme de têtes (Georges Méliès) [ADD]
La Tentation de Saint-Antoine (Georges Méliès) [ADD]
Great Britain
R. W. Paul's Come Along Do!
Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother (G. A. Smith) [ADD]
The Clown Barber (James Williamson) [ADD]
Come Along, Do! (R. W. Paul) [ADD]
The Corsican Brothers (G. A. Smith) [ADD]
An Interrupted Picnic (Cecil Hepworth) [ADD]
Mr. Bumble the Beadle (James Williamson) [ADD]
Two Naughty Boys (James Williamson) [ADD]
Don Juan Tenorio (Salvador Toscano Barragan) [ADD]
  Dorotea (Fructuoso Gelabert) [ADD]







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