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1897: ABC of the Cinematograph

Hepworth's 'Animated Photography The ABC of the Cinematograph'

In 1897, Cecil Hepworth, who would become one of the most influential (and long-lasting) pioneers of the British Film industry, published the first British book on filmmaking – “Animated Photography, or the ABC of the Cinematograph.”  The book covered all aspects of filmmaking, from shooting and developing film to the mechanics of different types of projectors.

Born in 1874, Hepworth was only twenty-three when the book was published.   The son of T. C. Hepworth, a respected magic lanternist and lecturer, Cecil’s interest in photography developed when he accompanied his father on his lecture tours.   In 1895, he invented a projection lamp for Birt Acres, whom he assisted at the latter’s Royal Command performance at Marlborough House in 1896.   Hepworth was writing for Photographic News and operating as a travelling showman when he wrote the book, although he would soon be offered a job with Charles Urban’s Warwick Trading Company. [ADD]

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