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The History of Cinema: 1895











arrivee d'un train en gare (1895)

  13/2 - The Lumieres patent their cinématographe.  An addition to the registered patent is lodged on 30th March 1895. [MORE]
    The Lumiere's Cinematographe
  22/3 - A Demonstration of the cinématographe is given to the Societé d’Encouragement de L’Industrie Nationale.   They project the short film La Sortie des Usines Lumière (Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory). [MORE]
    Leon Gaumont
  22/8 - Leon Gaumont enters into an agreement with Georges Demeny to manufacture and market Demeny’s chronophotographic camera and Phonoscope projector-viewer. [MORE]
  26/8 - Henri Joly files a patent for a camera that serves as both a camera and Kinetoscope which he supplies to Charles Pathe. [MORE] [ADD]
  28/12 -  The Lumiere brothers give their first demonstration of the Cinematographe to a paying audience at the Salon Indien of the Grand Café, in the basement of the Second Empire Grand Hotel at 14 boulevard des Capucines. [MORE]
    The Skladanowsky's Bioskop
  Jul - The Skladanowsky Brothers demonstrate their Bioskop at the Gasthaus Sello in the Pankow district of Berlin to directors of the Wintergarten theatre. [MORE]
  1/11 - The Skladanowsky Brothers give the world’s first exhibition of projected moving images to a paying audience at the Wintergarten theatre in Berlin. [MORE]
    Great Britain
    Incident at Clovelly Cottage
  Mar - Birt Acres shoots the short film Incident at Clovelly Cottage using a camera constructed by Robert Paul. [MORE]
    Robert Paul
  30/3 -  Robert Paul and Birt Acres film the Cambridge v Oxford boat race. [MORE]
    Birt Acres
  27/5 - Birt Acres takes out a sole patent on the Kineopticon camera which he designed and built with Robert Paul. [MORE]
  29/5 - Robert Paul and Birt Acres film the Derby. [MORE]
    Filoteo Alberini
  11/11 - Filoteo Alberini files a patent for his Kinetografo Alberini, a camera, projector and printer. [MORE]
  27/2 - The Lathams successfully develop their own camera, and begin investigating ways of preventing film from tearing which will eventually lead to the invention of the Latham Loop. [MORE] [ADD]
  Mar - The Lathams design and build the Eidoloscope projector. [MORE] [ADD]
    Charles Francis Jenkins
  26/3 - Charles Francis Jenkins files a patent for the Phantascope. [MORE]
  2/4 - W. K. L. Dickson resigns from the employ of Thomas Edison. [MORE]
    Woodville Latham
  21/4 - Woodville Latham gives a demonstration of his new projector to reporters. [MORE] 
    Edison's Kinetophone
  Apr - Edison begins shipping his Kinetophone for US & Canadian distribution. [MORE]
  4/5 - Otway Latham films a staged fight between Young Griffo and Battling Charles Barnett which is shown to the public on 20th May. [MORE]
    Herman Casler
  Jun - Herman Casler and W. K. L.  Dickson complete design and construction of the Mutograph. [MORE]
  Nov - Herman Casler and W. K. L.  Dickson develop the Biograph projector. [MORE]
  18/12 - Charles Francis Jenkins demonstrates his Phantascope projector to the Franklin Institute. [MORE]
  27/12 - The American Mutoscope and Biograph Company is established. [MORE]







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