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The History of Cinema: 1894






















  Oct - Franceís first kinetoscope parlour opens at 20 Boulevard Poissonniere in Paris. [MORE]
    Great Britain
  17/10 - Britainís first Kinetoscope Parlour opens at 70 Oxford Street, London. [MORE]
    Fred Ott's Sneeze
  7/1 - Edison's Kinetoscopic Record of a Sneeze (aka Fred Ottís Sneeze) is filmed. [MORE]
  9/1 - Each frame of Edison's Kinetiscopic Record of a Sneeze is copyrighted as a photograph at the US Library of Congress. [MORE]
    Jean Aime Leroy
  Feb - Jean Aime Leroy claims to have projected two Kinetoscope films to a paying audience in New York [MORE]
    The Holland Brothers
  5/4 - The first Kinetoscopes are shipped from Edisonís laboratory to the Holland Brothers Kinetoscope Parlor on 1155 Broadway in New York. [MORE]  
  14/4 - The Holland Brothers Kinetoscope Parlor opens for business. [MORE]
  17/6 - The Holland Brothers open a second Kinetoscope Parlor in Chicago [MORE]
    WKL Dickson
  14/6 - W. K. L. Dickson films a boxing match between Michael Leonard and Jack Cushing for Gray Latham and Otway Latham. [MORE]
  17/7 - Edisonís Kinetoscope film of Carmencita performing the Serpentine dance is banned in Newark, New Jersey. [MORE]
    The Lathams
  Aug -


The Lathamís Kinetoscope Exhibition Co opens its first Kinetoscope Parlour in New York.   Six expanded Kinetoscopes each show one round of the six-round fight filmed by W. K. L. Dickson in June. [MORE]
  7/9 - A staged fight between Jim Corbett and Pete Courtney is filmed. [MORE]
    Herman Casler
  21/11 - Herman Casler patents the Mutoscope. [MORE]






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