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Reservoir Dogs (1992)






Dec -

Parajanov: The Last Spring, Mikhail Vartanov and Sergei Parajanov’s documentary about Armenian filmmaker Parajanov and his persecution by the KGB becomes the only Armenian film to win the Russian Academy of Cinema Arts Award. [MORE] [ADD]







  Strictly Ballroom (1992)



20/8 -

Baz Luhrmann’s Strictly Ballroom, starring Paul Mercurio as an ambitious ballroom dancer whose unconventional ways result in the loss of his dance partner and her replacement by ungainly novice Tara Morice, is released. [MORE] [ADD]



Nov -

For the first time ever, Australian movies – Baz Luhrmann’s Strictly Ballroom and Geoffrey Wright’s Romper Stomper – occupy the top two places in the Australian box office chart. [MORE] [ADD]










Leonce Ngabo’s Swiss-French Burundi co-production Gito l'Ingrat, the first feature-length Burundi film, is released. [MORE] [ADD]










Fondart, the country’s fund for the arts, is established.  [MORE] [ADD]







  Marlene Dietrich



13/5 -

Protestors attempt to disrupt the funeral of Marlene Dietrich in Berlin because they consider her a traitor for changing her nationality. [MORE] [ADD]



19/5 -

French company la Compagnie generale des eaux acquires the Babelsburg Studios in Berlin. [MORE] [ADD]



12/10 -

A court in Berlin orders the destruction of Jörg Buttgereit’s Necromaniac 2 on the grounds that it breaks a German law forbidding graphic violence in films. [MORE] [ADD]




DEFA is sold by the Treuhund, although its intellectual property rights are given to the charitable DEFA-Stiftung (DEFA Foundation) [MORE] [ADD]









29/9 -

The Dutch Film Museum finds what it believes to be the only surviving copies of six early Walt Disney silent cartoons made between 1923 and 1927. [MORE] [ADD]




– The NBB is restructured and renamed the Nederlandse Federatie voor Cinematografie. [MORE] [ADD]







  Satyajit Ray



23/4 -

Satyajit Ray dies in Calcutta at the age of 71. [MORE] [ADD]




Satyajit Ray receives a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Academy, and the Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian honour. [MORE] [ADD]







  last Tango in Paris (1972)



4/11 -

A poll published by AGIS (General Association of Italian Spectacles) reveals that Last Tango in Paris (1973) is the biggest grossing film released in Italy over the last 40 years followed by Trinity Is Still My Name, For a Few Dollars More, A Fistful of Dollars and La Dolce Vita. [MORE] [ADD]







  Man Bites Dog (1992)



24/9 -

The Tokyo Film Festival decides not to screen the violent and controversial Belgian film C'est arrivé près de chez vous (Man Bites Dog), which won a prize at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. [MORE] [ADD]






South Korea

  White Badge (1992)



5/10 -

Over 120,000 Koreans have seen Ji-yeong Jeong's anti-war film, White Badge, since its release in January. [MORE] [ADD]










– Two film production companies – Horisont Films and Manaki Film – are established.  [MORE] [ADD]







  Como agua para chocolate (1992)



16/4 -

Como agua para chocolate (Like Water for Chocolate), Alfonso Arau’s adaptation of his wife Laura Esquival’s best-selling novel, is released.   It goes on to become the highest-grossing Latin American movie ever. [MORE] [ADD]










– Following the fall of the Soviet regime in 1990, domestic production falls to just two films in 1992: Quo vadis popule? (Vald Druck) and The Illusion (Mircea Chistruga).  [MORE] [ADD]










– The release of Chris Obi Rapu’s Living in Bondage marks the beginning of Nigeria’s video movie industry.  [MORE] [ADD]




– Nigeria holds its first National Film Festival [MORE] [ADD]










– The Fujimori government abolishes Law 19327, meaning Peruvian films no longer enjoy guaranteed exhibition. [MORE] [ADD]










– The number of cinemas in the country reaches an all-time low of 398.  [MORE] [ADD]










Mohammad MalasAl-Lail (The Night), the first Syrian film to play the New York Film Festival, is released. [MORE] [ADD]







  Tui shou (1992)




Tui shou (Pushing Hands), Ang Lee’s first film, is released.   It’s a tale of conflict between cultural tradition and modern lifestyles.   [MORE] [ADD]


1992: Other Films of Note






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