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The History of Cinema: 1921







Australia - France


Blade af Satanís bog (Denmark, 1921)




Ė The Federal Government creates the Commonwealth Cinema and Photographic branch to produce government documentaries. [ADD]




Ė The China Film Research Society produce Yen Rei-sun, the countryís first feature film, which is directed by Pun-Yen Ren and premieres in Shanghai.   It is based on a sensational murder case. [ADD]




Ė Lau Lauritzen founds the Palladium Company[ADD]

  10/1 -

Censors ban Daniel Bompardís La Brute (The Beast). [ADD]

  9/3 -

Deputies are shown a Gaumont documentary about the transformation of engines of war into tractors at the Palais-Bourbon. [ADD]

  10/3 -

The invitation-only opening of the Madeleine cinema in Paris features J. Gordon Edwards' 1919 Wolves of the Night, and Mary Pickfordís Little Lord Fauntleroy [ADD]

  1/5 -

Rene Leprince takes advantage of the Labour Day parade at Mointceau-les-Mines to film scenes for líEmpereur des pauvres. [ADD]

  15/5 -

Cinema attendances drop dramatically during a heatwave due to the lack of air conditioning in cinemas. [ADD]

  17/7 -

Severin Mars, the star of Abel Ganceís JíAccuse, dies of a heart attack at the age of 48 shortly after completing his directorial debut, Le Coeur Magnifique. [ADD]

  20/7 -

French distributors refuse to pay the Fox Corporationís asking price of 700,000 francs to screen the boxing match between Frenchman Georges Carpentier and victorious American fighter Jack Dempsey. [MORE]

  5/9 -

Aime Simon-Gerard, DíArtagnan in Henri Diamant-Bergerís serial of Les Trois mousquetaires, buys the horse he rode in the film. [ADD]

  19/8 -

Armand Bernard, the prefect of Alpes-Maritimes, bans all films with scenes of crime, theft or murder. [ADD]

  20/9 -

Charlot, Louis Dellucís analysis and criticisms of Charlie Chaplinís films, is published. [ADD]

    L'Atlantide (1921)
  30/9 -

Jacque Feyderís líAtlantide is released.   The film, the most expensive French production to date, is filmed on location in the Hoggar desert, and stars Stacia Napierkowska, Jean Angelo and Louis Aubert[ADD]

  15/10 -

Jean Epsteinís book, Bonjour Cinema, is released shortly after he makes his cinematic debut as assistant director to Louis Delluc on Le Tonnerre. [ADD]

  16/2 -

Drastic cutting of Musidoraís and Jacques Lasseyneís Pour Don Carlos by one-fifth of its original length, fails to win over moviegoers. [ADD]

  27/12 -

On the anniversary of Napoleonís death, a gala screening of Dominique Bernard-Deschamps Líagonie des aigles is held at the Opera de Paris to help War Widows and Orphans. [ADD]


Ė The Heraute Colour film process is used on Líamour eternel[ADD]


Other Key Films of 1921

    Blade af Satans Bog (1919)
    Blade af Satanís bog (Carl Theodor Dreyer)  [ADD]
    El Dorado (1921)

El Dorado (Marcel LíHerbier) [ADD]


Fievre (Louis Delluc) [ADD]

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