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The History of Cinema: 1919







Australia - France


The Sentimental Bloke (Australia, 1919)


– The Vita-Film-AG is founded. [ADD]


– Construction of the Rosenhügel-Studios begins.  [ADD]

  Jun -

The documentary The First Anniversary of the Musavat Power in Azerbaijan is released. [ADD]


– The Canadian Pacific Railway acquires a half-interest in Associated Screen News (ASN)  [ADD]

  31/1 -

18-year-old Gustav Machaty co-directs his first film, Teddy Wants to Smoke, with Jean S. Kolar.  [ADD]

  1/12 -

16-year-old Anny Ondra makes her debut appearance in Jean S. Kolar and Premysl Prazsky’s Dama s malou nozkou (The Woman with Small Feet).  [ADD]


– Local police film vetting is abandoned in favour of a national Board of Censorship based in Helsinki. [ADD]


Erkki Karu founds Suomi-Filmi Ltd[ADD]

  26/2 -

The Cinema Director’s Union bans the screening of all German and Austrian films for fifteen years. [ADD]

    Marcel l'Herbier
  15/3 -

Rose-France, Marcel l’Herbier’s first film for Gaumont, is released to scathing criticism. [ADD]

    J'Accuse (1919)
  25/4 -

Abel Gance’s pacifist film J’Accuse is released in Paris to critical acclaim, but receives accusations of anti-militarism and defeatism. [ADD]

  12/5 -

D. W. Griffith’s Intolerance finally reaches French screens three years after its US release, due to censorship by military censors because of Griffith’s representation of French history.   The film is heavily cut, however, and critics claim the film is rendered almost incomprehensible. [ADD]

  15/6 -

Pierre Henry starts Cine pour tous, a bi-monthly magazine.  [ADD]

  15/6 -

A cinema bank with capital of 3 million francs is established to aid the rebuilding of cinemas destroyed in the Great War.  [ADD]

  20/6 -

Assisted by Julien Duvivier, Andre Antoine begins work on a screen adaptation of Emile Zola’s La Terre (Earth). [ADD]

  26/6 -

Edouard Herriot, the mayor of Lyon, decrees that all cinematographs and fairground shows must use only inflammable film.  [ADD]

  28/6 -

Armed Services attache Corporal Andre A. Danton is the only cameraman present in the Hall of Mirrors to film the historic signing of the peace treaty. [ADD]

    La Fete espagnole (1919)
  18/8 -

Germaine Dulac begins filming Louis Delluc’s script of La Fete espagnole, which stars Eve Francis, for independent production company Nalpas.  [ADD]

  20/9 -

Jacques de Baroncelli begins filming Le Secret du Lone Star for Film d’Arte in a calculated attempt to win a larger share of the American market.   The film stars Fanny Ward, Rex MacDougall and Gabriel Signoret.  [ADD]

  30/9 -

Cinema et Cie, the first book of critical analysis of the French cinema is published.   Edited by Bernard Grasset, it is a collection of Louis Delluc’s articles from Le Film.  [ADD]

    Rene Navarre
  25/10 -

Rene Navarre establishes a production company to make ‘cine-romans,’ which are films adapted from serialised novels published simultaneously in the popular press.   The first planned film is based on a Gaston Leroux story. [ADD]


Other Key Films of 1919

    The Sentimental Bloke (1919)

The Sentimental Bloke (Raymond Longford)  [ADD]

    Back to God's Country (1919)

Back to God’s Country (Ernest Shipman[ADD]




Recuerdos del Mineral El Teniente (Salvador Giambastiani[ADD]


Praesidenten (Carl Theodor Dreyer)  [ADD]


Madame Loetta (Leonardo Larizzi[ADD]


L’Angoissante Aventure (Yakov Protazanov) [ADD]

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