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The History of Cinema: 1918







Austria - France


France, 1918: Abel Gance begins filming J'Accuse (1919)




Sascha-Film became the agent of Paramount in Austria [ADD]


– The government establishes the Exhibits and Publicity Bureau to centralise promotional film production. [ADD]

    Suzanne Marwille
  4/12 - Suzanne Marwille makes her screen debut in Vaclav Binovec’s Demon Rodu Halkenu. [ADD]


  22/2 -

Nordisk Film Company suffers financial difficulties as a result of competition from the recently formed Germany production company, Ufa. [ADD]


Sophus Madsen builds a new Palace Theatre on the grounds of the old theatre.  The first film screened in the new theatre is D. W. Griffith’s Birth of a Nation. [ADD]



    – Italian filmmaker De Lagarne establishes the Italo-Egyptian Cinematographic Company. [ADD]
  1/1 -

Le Comptoir, Gaumont’s film-hire service, enters into a contract with America's Paramount Pictures under which they gain exclusive rights to their productions. [ADD]

    Emile Reynaud
  9/1 - Animation pioneer Emile Reynaud dies penniless in a hospice at Ivry-sur-Seine. [ADD]
    Sacha Guitry
  22/3 -

Eclipse release Un Roman d’amour et d’aventures, starring Sacha Guitry, Yvonne Printemps and Fred Wright.   Rene Hervil and Louis Mercanton co-direct. [ADD]

  20/4 -

French producers stage a strike that is due to last until 23rd May in protest at the difficulties encountered in importing unexposed reels and foreign films. [ADD]

    J'Accuse (1918)
  25/8 -

Abel Gance starts filming J’Accuse for Pathe.   It is to be the first in a trilogy of films about war and peace.   Romuald Joube and Severin-Mars star. [ADD]

  31/8 -

While filming 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea for the Jules Verne Company, an aviator named Rouit drowns performing a stunt which requires him to dive into a whirlpool. [ADD]

    Charles Pathe
  27/9 -

Addressing the Cinema Employers Federation in Paris, Charles Pathe proposes that a percentage of takings replace the existing film rental system.   He also calls for heavy import taxes on foreign films. [ADD]

    Andre Antoine
  11/11 -

Andre Antoine leaves France for Italy to film Israel for Tiber Film. [ADD]

  30/11 -

Abel Gance’s La Dixieme Symphonie is released to mixed reviews. [ADD]

  30/11 -

Pathe split into two companies.   The Sound Reproduction Machine Company is to be run by Emile Pathe , while brother Charles will control the Pathe-Cinema Company. [ADD]


Other Key Films of 1918


La avenida de las acacias (Arturo Mario) [ADD]


Todo por la patria o jirón de la bandera (Arturo Mario) [ADD]

    Himmelskibet (1918)

Himmelskibet (Holger-Madsen) [ADD]


Sharaf el Badawi (Honor of the Bedouin) (Italo Egyptian Cinematograph Company) (Feature) [ADD]


al-Azhar al-Moumita (Deadly Flowers) [ADD]

    La Nouvelle Mission de Judex (1918)

Mathias Sandorf (serial: Henri Fescourt) [ADD]


La Nouvelle Mission de Judex (serial: Louis Feuillade) [ADD]


Scenes de la vie Boheme (Albert Capellani) [ADD]


Tih Minh (serial: Louis Feuillade) [ADD]


Les Travailleurs de la mer (Andre Antoine) [ADD]




1918: Germany-Syria

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