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The History of Cinema: 1916







Australia - France


Judex (France, 1916)


– A federal entertainments tax is imposed. [ADD]

  30/11 -

Within three days of the funeral of Emperor Franz Joseph, 255 copies of the film are distributed across the country. [ADD]

    A. Kolowrat-Krakowsky builds a studio in Vienna's 19th district, Sievering.  [ADD]

– The first Kinospiegel (film criticism) is published in a daily newspaper.  [ADD]


– The first regulations regarding the safety of children and young people at the cinema are enforced.  [ADD]



    In the Realm of Oil and Millions (1916)
  14/5 - Svetlov’s In the Realm of Oil and Millions premieres at the Biograph Theatre in Baku.  [ADD]
  20/10 - Antonin Fenci’s debut directorial film, Zlate Srdecko (Heart of Gold) is released. [ADD]
    – The Kino–Teatret at Christianshavn on Wildersgade opens. [ADD]
  Aug - Ruling Russian authorities ban all film activity in the country.   The ban will remain in place until the March 1917 Russian revolution. [ADD]
  Erik Erstlander opens the country’s first film studio for his Finlandia Film production company. [ADD]
    Jacques Feyder
  22/1 - Leon Gaumont employs 30-year-old actor Jacques Feyder as a director. [ADD]
  18/2 - Foreign films begin to flood the French market as a result of a severe drop in the output of the domestic industry. [ADD]  
  29/3 - The committee formed to promote the use of film for education purposes is appointed by decree in Paris. [ADD]
  7/4 - L’ecran, the first official journal of the French Union of Cinematographers, is published. [ADD]
  22/4 - In a Paris courtroom, two young girls claim that scenes they saw in a film inspired their crime of attempted murder.  [ADD]
  13/5 - Alphonse Frank reopens the German-owned cinema Palais Rochechouart in Paris. [ADD]
  17/5 - Demands are made to ban the screening of “cinematographic performances which, in the guise of fantastic adventures, teach the most skilful means of robbing and killing” after a number of criminals claim to have been inspired by the film serial Mysteries of New York. [ADD]
  18/5 - Gaumont release Le Pied qui etreint.   A parody of Louis Feuillade’s Les Vampires, it is directed by Jacques Feyder and stars Andre Roanne, Georges Biscot and Musidora [ADD]
  30/6 - The tenth and final episode of Les Vampires is released. [ADD]
  1/7 - Georges-Michel Coissac publishes an article in Cine-Journal “moralising about the cinema and calling for a banning of vulgarity on the screen". [ADD]
  5/9 - Following the completion of his Le droit a la vie, Abel Gance signs a 10-picture deal with Louis Nalpas, head of Film d’Arte.   Gance will receive 1,500 francs for each film. [ADD]
  30/9 - Comedian Max Linder sails for America to replace Charlie Chaplin at Essanay following horrendous war traumas when, in addition to being stricken by pneumonia, he suffered gas poisoning and a serious breakdown.   He will earn $5,000 per week for the duration of the contract, during which he is expected to shoot 12  films. [ADD]
  16/12 - The press receive a screening of the first episodes of Louis Feuilade’s new serial, Judex, starring Musidora, Yvette Andreyor and Rene Creste. [ADD]

Other Key Films of 1916

    La Baraja de la Muerte (Salvador Giambastiane) [ADD]
    Fiestas de los Estudiantes (Salvador Giambastiani) [ADD]
    Santiago Antiguo (Salvador Giambastiani) [ADD]
    Haevnens Nat (1916)
    Haevnens Nat (Benjamin Christensen) [ADD]
    Pax Aeterna (Holger-Madsen) [ADD]
    Pro Patria (August Blom) [ADD]
    La Boheme (Albert Capellani) [ADD]
    Le Coupable (Andre Antoine) [ADD]
    Les Freres corses (Andre Antoine) [ADD]
    Tetes de femmes, femmes de tete (Jacques Feyder) [ADD]
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