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The History of Cinema: 1914







Austria-Hungary - Germany


The Mysterious X (Denmark, 1913)



  16/8 -

The government bans all films made by enemy countries, and decrees that only patriotic films are to be shown. [ADD]

  30/9 -

Film companies compete for the sale of newsreel footage of the Great War. [ADD]



    Alfred Machin
  1/5 -

Alfred Machin’s Maudit soit la guerre is released in Belgium after being held back by Pathe because of fears over public reaction to its pacifist message. [ADD]

  14/11 -

German director Stellan Rye dies in a French hospital in Flanders after being wounded during the fighting at Ypres. [ADD]

  2/2 -

The country’s first feature film, Evangeline, directed by William Cavanaugh and Edward P. Sullivan, is released by the Canadian Bioscope Company. [ADD]

    – Chinese cinema declines due to a shortage of film stock as a result of the Great War. [ADD]
  23/3 -

Benjamin Christensen's first production is released.   He stars in the leading role of The Mysterious X after giving up stage acting due to extreme stage fright. [ADD]

  24/4 -

Forest Holger-Madsen’s Opiumsdrommen (Opium Dreams) is released. [ADD]


Nordisk’s output increases to over 140 fiction films and almost 50 non-fiction films during the year. [ADD]

    Karujaht Parnumaal (1914)
  26/2 - Estonia's first fiction film, Karujaht Parnumaal, is released.   It is filmed by Johannes Paasuke.   [ADD]
  Spring - Lyyra Filmi produce the country’s first cinema newsreels. [ADD]
    Maurice Tourneur
  2/1 -

Le Systeme du Dr Goudron et du Professeur Plume, former actor Maurice Tourneur’s directorial debut, is released. [ADD]

  27/2 -

The first issue of Andre Herze and Georges Quellien’s Le Film is published. [ADD]

    Sarah Bernhardt
  29/3 -

Sarah Bernhardt turns down the opportunity to appear in Abel Gance’s La Victoire de Samothrace.   Gance never makes the film and Bernhardt stars in Adrienne Lecouvrer instead.  [ADD]

  18/4 -

Various cinema organisations publish leaflets protesting against the cinema tax approved by the Chamber of Deputies on the 23rd March. [ADD]

  3/6 -

A commemorative monument to Etienne-Jules Marey, a pioneer of cinematography, is unveiled in Paris by Raymond Poincare. [ADD]

    Andre Antoine
  1/7 -

The director Andre Antoine signs for Pathe. [ADD]

  25/8 -

Abel Gance acts as stretcher-bearer after being exempted from military service due to poor health. [ADD]



  Oct -

Oskar Messter’s weekly newsreel, Messter-Woche, begins. [ADD]

    Emil Jannings

Emil Jannings makes his film debut in Im Schutzengraben (In the Trenches). [ADD]


Erich Pommer founds Decla (Deutsche Eclair) after the outbreak of war in Europe means he can no longer continue as Eclair’s Central European representative. [ADD]


Other Key Films of 1914


Such is War [ADD]


The Life of General Rafael Uribe (Di Domenico Brothers) [ADD]


Bout-de-Zan series (Louis Feuillade) [ADD]


Le Calvaire (Louis Feuillade) [ADD]


Ceux de chez nous (Sacha Guitry) [ADD]


Les Quatre-vingt-treize (Albert Capellani) [ADD]


Napoleon: du sacre a Saint-Helene (Alfred Machin) [ADD]

    Engeleins Hochzeit (1914)

Engeleins Hochzeit (Urban Gad) [ADD]


Vordertreppe und Hintertreppe (Urban Gad) [ADD]

    Gt. Britain - Turkey
    USA: January-June
    USA: July-December



1914: Gt. Britain - Turkey

1914: USA January-June

1914: USA July-December







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