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The History of Cinema: 1912







France - Germany


A la conquete du pole (France, 1912)



  7/3 -

M. Valet, head of the Mobile Brigade of Paris throws 25 kilometres of ‘licentious’ film into the River Seine.   A policeman of the river brigade attempts to bring action against him for ‘the throwing of refuse’ into the Seine.  [ADD]

    Sarah Bernhardt
  8/3 - Sarah Bernhardt attempts a film comeback in La Dame aux Camelias following the failure of Tosca. [ADD]
    Abel Gance
  9/3 -

Abel Gance publishes his first film article, entitled “What is Cinema?   A Sixth Art Form!” in Cine-Journal.  [ADD]

  18/3 -

The cinema comes under attack at a two-day meeting of the Congress of the Federation of Businesses Against Pornography.   It is described as a “stratagem used by the Devil [that] competes with alcohol for the ruin of the public… immodesty is spread shamelessly everywhere, religion is ridiculed in a manner that is most odious.   It attacks the Church’s history, its sacraments and its ministers.” [ADD]

  13/4 -

Inspired by the exploits of French gangsters, the “Bonnot Band”, Eclair release a new series entitled Les Bandits en automobile. [ADD]

  24/5 - Abel Gance’s The Mask of Horror, the first of four films he has contracted to make for the Altar Ego Company, is released. [ADD]
  12/6 - Eclair launch Eclair-Journal, a weekly newsreel intended to rival Pathe’s Pathe-Journal. [ADD]
  14/6 -

Edouard Herriot, the mayor of Lyons, bans any films that depict criminal acts. [ADD]

    Charles Urban
  Aug - Charles Urban establishes Kinemacolor France. [ADD]
  15/11 - Gaumont’s Chronochrome, a rival colour process to Kinemacolor, is presented to the French Photographic Society in Paris.   It uses a three lens camera with different coloured filters, instead of Kinemacolor’s two-colour system. [ADD]
  12/12 - Gaumont terminate their contract with Anatole Clement Mary, child star of 77 Bebe films following repeated wage increase demands from Mary’s parents.   Director Louis Feuillade planned for the break by introducing four-year-old Rene Poyen as Bout-de-Zan (Licorice Stick) in two of Bebe’s films, Bebe adopte un petit frere, and Bebe Bout-de-Zan et le voleur. [ADD]
  31/12 -

Georges Melies bids farewell to a dark year which has seen the commercial failure of his films for Pathe, the death of his wife Eugenie, and the near-bankruptcy of his brother in the States. [ADD]



  28/2 -

Alfred Duskes founds Literaria Film. [ADD]

  28/2 -

Filming of Der Totentanz starring Asta Neilsen begins.   It is the first film to be shot in Deutsche Bioskop’s new glass studios south-west of Berlin. [ADD]

  15/5 -

A municipal by-law bans admittance to children, and smoking in cinemas in Berlin. [ADD]

  31/12 -

Paul Davidson transfers the offices of his production company Projection-AG Union (PAGU) to Berlin and begins building the Tempelhof studios. [ADD]


Other Key Films of 1912

    Zigomar (1912)

A la conquete du pole (Georges Melies) [ADD]


Au pays de tenebres (Victorin Jasset) [ADD]


Cendrillon (Georges Melies) [ADD]


Cent dollars mort ou vif (Jean Durand) [ADD]

    Dans la Solitude (Eclipse) [ADD]

L’enfant de Paris (Leonce Perret) [ADD]


Onesime series (Jean Durand) [ADD]


La Reine Elisabeth (Louis Mercanton) [ADD]

    Scenes de la vie cruelle series  (Ferdinand Zecca) [ADD]

Le Tragique amour de Mona Lisa (Abel Gance) [ADD]


Les Mysteres de Paris (Albert Capellani) [ADD]

    La Valse renversante (Georges Monca) [ADD]

Zigomar (Victorin Jasset) [ADD]

    Der Student von Prag

Das Mirakel (Max Reinhardt) [ADD]

    Der Student von Prag (Paul Wegener & Henrik Galeen) [ADD]


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