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The History of Cinema: 1911







Albania - France


Max Linder



    - The country's first film shows are held in the cities of Shkoder and Korce. [ADD]


  Early - West’s Pictures buys the Australian branch of Pathe. [ADD]
  Mar - Following the success of The Story of the Kelly Gang, industrial chemical company Johnson & Gibson and J &N Tait merge to form the Amalgamated Picture Company in Melbourne. [ADD]
  Dec - The Australian government appoints a Commonwealth Photographer to film official events and government promotional films. [ADD]   


  Jun - The country's fourth  film is made by the British company W. Butcher & son.   They film at the London Missionary Society College of Tiger Kloof and at Serowe. [ADD]


  30/6 - The government introduces laws that ban men and women sitting together in a cinema, forbid immoral films, require authorisation for the opening of a theatre, and which decree that screenings must end before midnight. [ADD]


  1/5 - Antonin Pech founds the Kinofa Company in Prague. [ADD]


    Asta Nielsen
  4/9 - Release of Den Sorte Drom, Denmark’s first feature film, starring Asta Nielsen and Valdemar Psilander.   It is directed by Urban Gad for Deutsche Bioskop. [ADD]
    Nordisk goes public. [ADD]


    – The country has 81 cinemas, 17 of them in Helsinki. [ADD]


    Leon Gaumont
  17/2 Leon Gaumont once again demonstrates the Chronophone to the Photographic Society, who hear a cockerel crow through the Elgephone.  [ADD]
  11/3 - Anti-porn protests are held by the Anti-Pornography League in Lille, La Maison de la Bonne Press, and Cardinal Coullie, the archbishop of Lyon.   They encourage protestors to whistle their disapproval during films and to deface posters for films that do not meet their moral standards. [ADD]
  18/3 -

Martel, the cameraman for Lion Films, receives the Alfred Molteni prize from the Geographical Society for his shots of Abyssinia. [ADD]

  1/4 -

The Jougla Co., manufacturers of film negatives, merges with Lumiere. [ADD]

  Apr -

Gaumont’s “La vie telle que c’est” (Life as it Really Is) series is launched with the release of Les Viperes directed by Louis Feuillade.   It is the first of ten films in the series to be released in 1911. [ADD]

  17/6 -

Cine-journal disclose that old films are recycled after a treatment with celluloid to glaze high quality boots. [ADD] 

    Max Linder
  17/6 -

Max Linder’s film career continues to prosper with hits such as Max and his Mother-in-Law which make him known across Europe.   He receives competition, however, in the form of Rigadin, another Pathe star. [ADD]   

  1/8 - Pathe’s No 4 projection box finds itself with competition following the launch of Gaumont’s 35mm metal X series projection box.   At 900 francs, Gaumont’s box is 24 francs more expensive than its rival. [ADD]
  30/9 -

Gaumont open the Gaumont Palace in Paris.   The largest cinema in the world, it seats 3,400 and houses a 30-piece orchestra and choir under the direction of Paul Fosse. [ADD]

  10/11 - Film d’Art releases Madame San-Gene, which continues their philosophy of producing high quality films.   The company continues to lose money, however, and Charles Delac replaces Paul Gavault as head of the organisation. [ADD] 
    Les Aventures de Baron de Munchhausen
  11/11 - Georges MeliesLes aventures de Baron de Munchhausen is released despite the misgivings of Charles Pathe and Louis Feuillade regarding its commercial qualities. [ADD]
  27/12 - Abel Gance joins the Altar Ego Company to direct four films in their small studio in Neuilly. [ADD]

Other Key Films of 1911

    Balletdanserinden (1911)
    De Fire Djaevle (Alfred Lind & Robert Dineson/Kinografen)  [ADD]
    Balletdanserinden (August Blom)  [ADD] 


    Les Victimes de l'alcool
    André Chénier (Louis Feuillade, Étienne Arnaud) [ADD]
    Dans la vie (Leonce Perret [ADD]

Anna Karenina (Andre Maitre)  [ADD]


La vie reconstituee (Gaumont) [ADD]


Les Victimes de l’alcool (Ferdinand Zecca)   [ADD]


Camille Desmoulins (Henri Pouctal) [ADD]


Nick Winter contre Nick Winter (Gerard Bourgeois) [ADD]


La Fin de Paganini (Louis Feuillade) [ADD]

    Notre Dame de Paris (Alberto Capellini) [ADD]

Little Moritz chasse les grands fauves (Romeo Bosetti) [ADD]


Calino series (Jean Durand) [ADD]


La Dame aux camellias (Andre Calmettes) [ADD]


Les Miserables (Albert Capellani) [ADD]


Les Mysteres de Paris (Albert Capellani) [ADD]


Zigomar series (Victorien Jasset) [ADD] 

    Germany - Romania
    Russia - Yugoslavia



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