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The History of Cinema: 1907









Shooting of l'Enfant prodigue (France, 1907), Europe's first feature-length film

  2/3 - Austria’s first dramatic productions, Scenes from Ein Walzertraum and In der Garderobe, are released.[ADD]
    – The country's first film is shot by cameramen working for British-based American Charles Urban travelling up the Bechaunaland railway to Victoria Falls.   Their film is soon followed by ones from ethnographer Rudolf Poch which are reputed to be partly in colour and with synchronised sound. [ADD]
  31/8 - Louis Ernest Ouimet, a former electrician, opens the Ouimetoscope, a 1,200-seat cinema – the world’s largest – at the corner of Montcalm and Sainte-Catherine in Montreal. [ADD]
  15/2 - Nordisk releases The Polar Bear Hunt.[ADD]
  Spring - Pohjoismaiden Biografi Komppania (Nordic Biograph Company) is formed.[ADD]
  29/5 - Finland’s first fiction film, Salaviinan Polttajat, filmed by Louis Sparre and Tuevo Puro, is screened.[ADD]
  26/1 - Pathe form the Compagnie des Cinematographes Theophile Pathe with a starting capital of 2 million francs to make low-budget films for the fairground trade. [ADD]
    Louis Feuillade
  Apr - Louis Feuillade replaces Alice Guy as head of production at Gaumont as Guy is appointed sales agent for Gaumont’s Chronophone in the United States. [ADD]
  11/5 - A festival organized by Photo-Cine-Gazette at the Elysee-Montmartre in Paris includes a session featuring Gaumont’s “Chronomegaphone” a device for projecting pictures with sound. [ADD]
  20/6 - Europe’s first feature-length film, the 90 minutes long l’Enfant prodigue, a filmed stage play made by Marcel Carre, is premiered at Theatre des Varieties, boulevard Montmartre, Paris. [ADD]
  12/7 - Edouard Benoit-Levy and Charles Pathe agree a contract that will enable Benoit-Levy to establish a network of Cinematographs across Switzerland and nine French provinces that will show only Pathe films. [ADD]
  18/7 - Leon Brezillon is elected first president of the newly founded French Union of Directors.[ADD]
  Aug - Charles Pathe opens his 18th overseas branch in Singapore.[ADD]
  Oct - Gaumont Studios employs 650 workmen and produces 15,000 metres of film per day from its 12,500 square-metre factory; Pathe’s 1200+ staff produce 100,000 metres of film a day and the company has an annual turnover of 4 million francs. [ADD]
  15/12 - Gaumont release Bluebeard after re-editing upon being considered “too cruel.” [ADD]
    Erich Pommer
    Erich Pommer begins his career in the cinema with Leon Gaumont.[ADD]
    Pathe Freres produce Don Juan, a stencil-coloured film with synchronous sound. [ADD]
    Louis Lumiere
    Louis Lumiere develops a colour photography process using a three-colour screen. [ADD]

Lafitte brothers form Compagnie des Films d’Art. [ADD]

    Pathe stop selling their films, choosing instead to rent them to exhibitors for a percentage of their receipts. [ADD]
     Paul Lafitte founds the Société des Cinémas-Halles. [ADD]
    Max Skladanowsky
  1/2 - German claims that the cinema was invented by Max Skladanowsky are disputed by the French, who claim it was invented by the Lumieres. [ADD]
    – The educational potential of film is promoted by the Kinoreformbewegung (Cinema Reform Movement).[ADD]
    Der Kinematograph - Organ für die gesamte Projektionskunst (... - Magazine for the Whole Field of Film Exhibition), the country’s first trade magazine, is founded. [ADD]
    Great Britain 
  22/2 - Joshua Duckworth, a former magic-lantern showman and owner of Premier Picture Company, opens Britain’s first purpose-built cinema at a cost of £2,000 in Colne, Lancashire. [ADD]
    Gaumont's Chronophone
    Leon Gaumont’s Chronophone makes its commercial debut at the Hippodrome in London. [ADD]
    Will Barker builds a glass-covered film studio with three stages at Ealing Green, West London. [ADD]
    Theodore Brown demonstrated the Spirograph
    Theodore Brown patents the Spirograph, a film system in which over 1000 images are recorded on a disc in a spiral formation. [ADD]
    – South London’s Balham Empire, one of the first theatres to show only films, is launched by Pathe. [ADD]
    – The country’s first permanent cinema opens in Amsterdam. [ADD]
    J. F. Madan
    J. F. Madan opens the Elphinstone Palace cinema in Calcutta.[ADD]
    Pathe Brothers install Alex Hague to run their newly-opened Indian office.[ADD]
    – The Elphinstone Company film Air of Kabul's Procession. [ADD]
    Other Films of Note
    Ali Bouf a l’huile (Felix Mesguich) [ADD]
    Roverens Brud
    Den Hvide Slavinde (Viggo Larsen) [ADD]
    Roverens Brud (Viggo Larsen[ADD]
    Fyrtojet (Viggo Larsen [ADD]
    Jeppe paa bjerget (Viggo Larsen) [ADD]
    Lionhunt [ADD]
    Aladin ou la lampe merveilleuse (1907)
    Aladin ou la lampe merveilleuse (Albert Capellani) [ADD]
    Boireau series (Pathe) [ADD]
    Les Debuts d’un Chauffeur (Georges Hatot) [ADD]
    La Lutte pour la vie (Andre Herze) [ADD]
    Le Medecin de campagne (Etienne Arnaud) [ADD]
    Le Lit a roulette (Romeo Bosetti) [ADD]
    Les Debuts d’un patineur (Louis Gasnier) [ADD]
    Deux Cents milles lieux sous les mers; ou Le Cauchemar d’un pecheur (Georges Melies) [ADD]
    Hamlet, Prince de Danemark (Georges Melies) [ADD]
    L’Homme aimante (Romeo Bosetti[ADD]
    Le Petit Jules Verne (Gaston Velle) [ADD]
    Le Tunnel sous la Manche; ou le Cauchemar Franco-Anglais (Georges Melies) [ADD]
    Die Rauber (Kunstmaler Beyer) [ADD]
    Great Britain
    Cinematophone Singing Pictures [ADD]
    Iran - USA



1907: Iran-USA






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