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The History of Cinema: 1906









The Story of the Kelly Gang (1906), the world's first feature film


Felix Mesguich makes La prière du muezzin, the country’s first film.

  23/12 - The world’s first feature film, The Story of The Kelly Gang, is premiered at the Athenaeum Hall in Melbourne.   The film lasts 70 minutes and was produced by the theatrical company J & N Tait of Melbourne. [ADD]
    – British exhibitor T. J. West opens the country’s first purpose-built cinema. [ADD]
    – Vienna has 12 permanent cinemas in 1906. [ADD]
    Antonio Leal and Isaac Sandenberg direct the country’s first drama film, Os Estranguladores. [ADD]
    Viggo Larsen
  6/11 -

Ole Olsen and Arnold Nielsen found the Nordisk production company and employ director Viggo Larsen.   First film is Duer og Maager (Pigeons and Seagulls). [ADD]

    Fotorama produce a 45-minute film called The White Slave Trade. [ADD]
  May - K E Stahlberg’s Atelier Apollo makes the country’s first films. [ADD]
  1/3 - Edouard Benoit-Levy founds a trade union for the cinema industry. [ADD]
  30/8 - Charles Urban, G. R. Roger, and Ernest May replace the Urban Co. in Paris with the Societe generale des cinematographes Eclipse and employ former Gaumont producers Georges Hatot and Victorin Jasset. [ADD]
  4/10 - Henri Joly, Leopold Lobel, Georges Akar and Dubois de Niemont found the Societe des photographes et cinematographes Lux. [ADD]
  2/11 - Gaumont produce the Elgephone, an amplifier for phonographs powered by compressed air [ADD]
  13/12 - Compagnie des Cinematographes Theophile Pathe founded in Paris. [ADD]
  7/12 - L. Gaumont et Cie incorporated as Societe des Establissements Gaumont. [ADD]
  Dec - Paris sees a marked growth in the number of cinemas. [ADD]
    Pathe patent the Pathecolor film system. [ADD]
  21/2 - The newly established Union Theatre (UT) cinema chain opens its first cinema in Frankfurt-am-Main. [ADD]
  21/2 - Paul Davidson’s Allgemeine Kinematographen- Theater Gesellschaft, Union Theater für lebende und Tonbilder GmbH, the first German film stock company, is established in Frankfurt. [ADD]
    – The Berlin police force establishes pre-release censorship of films. [ADD]
    Great Britain
    Walter Booth makes Britain’s first cartoon film, The Hand of the Artist, for the Charles Urban Trading Co. [ADD]
    George Albert Smith
    George Albert Smith makes his first Kinemacolour test film in Southwick. [ADD]
    Eugene Lauste

Eugene Lauste, working for London Cinematograph, applies for a patent for his sound-on-film process. [ADD]

    George Albert Smith patents his kinemacolour process.[ADD]
    – The Kinematograph Manufacturers Association is formed. [ADD]
    Pathe open a UK branch in London. [ADD]
    Will Barker introduces a daily newsreel – except in cases of fog – at the Empire Theatre, Leicester Square. [ADD]

– The first film periodical, A kinematograf, is published. [ADD]

    Alfred Lind
    Alfred Lind opens the country’s first cinema in Reykjavik. [ADD]
    Alfred Lind makes the country's first film, a 3-minute documentary [ADD]
    Other Films of Note
    Anarkistens Svigermoder (Viggo Larsen) [ADD]
    Les Incendiaires (1906)

C’est Papa qui prend la purge (Louis Feuillade) [ADD]

    La Course a la Perruque (Georges Hatot) [ADD]
    Les Incendiaires (Georges Melies) [ADD]
    La Maison hantee (Segundo de Chomon) [ADD]
    Le Matelas alcoolique (Romeo Bosetti) [ADD]
    Le Pendu (Louis Gasnier) [ADD]
    Le Poison (Louis Gasnier) [ADD]
    Les Quatre Cents farces du Diable (Georges Melies) [ADD]
    Robert Macaire et Bertrand (Georges Melies) [ADD]
    The Saucy Magazine (Gaumont) [ADD]
    La Vie de Christ (Alice Guy, Victorien Jasset) [ADD]
    Der Hauptmann von Kopenick (H. B. Baeckers)  [ADD]
    Der Hauptmann von Kopenick (Carl Buderus, Carl Sonneman) [ADD]
    Der Hauptmann von Kopenick (Schaub) [ADD]
    Ein Volksgericht oder Die Zeit des Schreckens und des Grauens (A. Moeller) [ADD] 
    Great Britain

The Curate’s Dilemma (R. W. Paul) [ADD]

    Dick Turpin’s Ride to York (Lewin Fitzhamon[ADD]
    Gaumont Chronophone films [ADD]
    The San Francisco Disaster (Sheffield Photo Co.) [ADD]
    The ‘?’ Motorist (W. R. Booth, R. W. Paul) [ADD]
    India - USA



1906: India - USA






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