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The History of Cinema: 1905









Rescued By Rover (1905)

    Dingjun Mountain (1905)
  Jul - Liu Zhonglun shoots China’s first film, Ding jun shan (Conquering Jun Mountain), three scenes from a famous Peking opera, for Ren Qingtai’s Fengtai Photography Studio.
    Ole Olsen's Biograf Theater
  23/4 - Ole Olsen, a former circus impresario, opens Copenhagen’s first permanent cinema – The Biograf Theater – at 47 Vimmelskaftet. [ADD]
  10/2 - Dr. Eugene Doyen successfully sues cameraman Ambroise-Francois Parnaland for profiting from educational films of the doctor’s operations without his consent. [MORE]
  16/2 - Charles Pathe opens a showroom at 31 boulevard des Italiens in Paris to present his films to showmen and cinema owners.  [ADD]
  4/3 - Parishioners of the Church of Saint Just in Narbonne fail in their legal action against the Dulaar family for filming them without their consent because they were filmed in a public place and had been informed. [MORE]
  28/7 - Pathe release The Life and Passion of Jesus Christ directed by Lucien Nonguet. [ADD]
    Max Linder
  5/8 - Comedian Max Linder appears in his first film, Premiere sortie d’un collegien, directed by Louis Gasnier for Pathe. [ADD]
  11/8 - Pathe release their first chase film (course comique), Dix femmes pour un mari (Ten Women for One Husband), a copy of the British film Personal.   The film is directed by Georges Hatot, Lucien Nonguet and Ferdinnd Zecca. [ADD]
  31/8 -

Georges Melies releases Le Raid Paris-Monte Carlo en deux heures in full colour using a stencil technique pioneered by Pathe and Gaumont. [ADD]

  Nov - La Legende de Rip van Winkle is released by Georges Melies. [ADD]
  Dec - Pathé's Omnia theatre opens on the Montmartre boulevard in Paris. [ADD]
    The Lumiere Brothers
    – The Lumiere Brothers cease film production[ADD]

Gaumont builds a studio at Buttes-Chaumont. [ADD]

    – The Chief Constable of Berlin orders preventative censorship. [ADD]
    – The Alfred Duskes Kinomatographen & Film Fabriken, the country’s first distribution company, is founded in Berlin.   The company both sells and rents films to cinema owners. [ADD]
    Great Britain
  7/1 - The Charles Urban Trading Co. releases four reels of authentic footage of the Russo-Japanese war. [MORE]
    The Life of Charles Peace (1905)
  Jan - Cecil Hepworth releases Rescued by Rover. [ADD]
  1/10 - William Haggar releases The Life of Charles Peace.
    Cecil Hepworth builds a studio with artificial lighting at Hurst Grove, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. [ADD]
    Swamikannu Vincent, a railway draughtsman, begins a traveling tent theatre in the south of the country. [ADD]
    Jamshedji Framji Madan
    Jamshedji Framji Madan produces Jyotish Sarkar’s film of a protest rally against the Partition of Bengal. [ADD]
  20/9 -

Filoteo Alberini releases La Presa di Roma, 20 Settembre 1870, the first Italian fiction film. [ADD]

    – The Primo Stabilimento Italiano di Manifattura Cinematografica, forerunner of the Cines studio, is established in Rome. [ADD]
    – The Cines Co. headed by Italians Filoteo Alberini and Dante Santoni and the French Marchese Ernesto Pacelli and Barone Alberto Fassini build Italy’s first studio in the Via Appia Nuova. [ADD]

Yokota Shokai founds a film studio in Kyoto. [ADD]

    Other Films of Note
    Le Palais des mille et une nuits (1905)
    L’amant de la lune (Ferdinand Zecca, Gaston Velle)
    L’Ange de Noel (Georges Melies) [ADD]

Les Invisibles (Gaston Velle) [ADD]


Le Palais des mille et une nuits (Georges Melies) [ADD]

    Reve a la lune (Ferdinand Zecca) [ADD]
    Les Reves d’un fumeur d’opium (Victorien Jasset) [ADD]

Revolution en Russie (Lucien Nonguet) [ADD]

    Frau Rauberhauptmann (Internationale Kinematographen GmbH)
    Great Britain

Mutiny on a Russian Battleship (Alf Collins) [ADD]




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