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The History of Cinema: 1904







Bolivia - Japan


Retrato de Personajes Históricos y de Actualidad, the country’s first film, is released. [ADD]

    Constantin Philipsen
  17/9 - Constantin Philipsen opens the Cosmorama, the country’s first permanent cinema, in Copenhagen. [MORE]
  6/2 - Gaumont’s logo ‘Elge’ – Leon Gaumont’s initials – features a daisy for the first time in corporate newspaper l’industrial forain. [MORE]
  Feb - 

Pathé open a branch in Moscow. [MORE]

    Charles Pathe
  1/3 -

Charles Pathé builds a new studio at rue 52 Sergent-Bobillot, Montreuil. [ADD]

  24/3 - Lucien Bell, director of the Marey Institute at the Bois du Boulogne photographs the path of a bullet through various objects. [MORE]
  2/4 - Georges Mendel opens the Cinema-Grapho-Theatre in Paris. [ADD]
    Etienne-Jules Marey
  16/5 -

Etienne-Jules Marey, inventor of the Chronophotographe, dies. [ADD]

  31/7 -

The Pathe Brothers open the Bound Brook film studio in New Jersey, USA, and a sales outlet in New York for their photographic equipment.   The company now has 12,000 titles in its catalogue. [ADD]

    Deutsche Mutoskop build new studios in the Berlin suburb of Lankwitz, and release Der Raubmord am Spandauer Schifffahrtskanal bei Berlin (Robbery & Murder on the Spandau Ship Canal Near Berlin). [ADD]
    Great Britain
    Eadweard Muybridge
  8/5 - Eadweard Muybridge, a pioneer of the study of animal locomotion which resulted in the birth of cinema, dies. [MORE]
    H. D. Taylor patents his invention of coated lenses. [MORE]

H. V. Lawley and Percy Stow found the Clarendon Film Company with a studio at Limes Road, Croydon. [MORE]


Manek Sethna founds the Touring Cinema Co. in Bombay. [ADD]




Mirza Ebrahim Khan Sahaf Bashi gives the first public film screening in the back of his antique shop on Cheragh Gaz Avenue in Tehran. [MORE]

    Filoteo Alberini
  20/1 - Filoteo Alberini opens the Cinema Moderno, Italy’s first purpose-built cinema. [MORE]
    Yoshizawa Shoten and Yokota Shokai send camera teams to the front to film the events of the Russo-Japanese War. [ADD]
    Other Films of Note

L’Attaque d’une diligence (Gaumont)


Metamorphosis d’un papillon (Pathe) [ADD]


Les Petits coupeurs de bois vert (Gaumont) [ADD]


La Bonne purge (Pathe) [ADD]


Christophe Colombe (Pathe) [ADD]


Indiens et Cowboys (Georges Melies) [ADD]


Le Merveilleux Eventail vivant (Georges Melies) [ADD]


Le Voyage a travers l’impossible (Georges Melies) [ADD]


Great Britain


Attack on a Japanese Convoy (Frank Mottershaw)


Attack on a Russian Outpost (Gaumont) [ADD]


Jap versus Russian (R. W. Paul) [ADD]


The Sign of the Cross (William Haggar)

    Muis Hamel bij den Coiffeur (Albert Mullins & Willy Mullins)
    Norway - USA



1904: Norway - USA







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