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The History of Cinema: 1902










Le voyage dans la lune (1902)

    Un Ejercicio General de Bomberos, the first film produced in Chile, is released. [ADD]
    The Lumiere Brothers
  15/1 - The Lumiere brothers open a photorama (panoramic cinema) on the site of the old Pole Nord Cinema at 18 Rue de Clichy in Paris. [ADD]
  9/4 - Eugene-Louis Doyen's film of the separation of Siamese twins Radica and Doodica prompts the Medical Tribune to condemn the screening of the film by fairground showmen. [ADD]
  Apr - Charles Pathe builds a new studio in the Rue de Bois in Vincennes. [ADD]
  4/8 - Gaumont cameraman Léo Lefèvre becomes filmmaker by appointment to the Royal Spanish household after shooting a number of films of King Alphonse XIII's visits to France.  [ADD]
  1/9 - Le voyage dans la lune, Georges Méliès groundbreaking 13-minute narrative tale of the adventures of a group of scientists who travel to the moon by rocket ship, is released. [ADD]
  11/10 - The Cabbage Patch Fairy, Alice Guy's second version of the story in three years, is released by Gaumont. [ADD]
  16/10 - Emile Reynaud invents the Stereo-praxinoscope a device that creates the illusion of three dimensions. [ADD]
  18/10 - Georges Mendel releases two films - The Magic Table or the Talking Heads and Les Mousquetaires au couvent - and a newsreel with a cylinder that produces synchronised sound. [ADD]
  Oct - Georges Méliès despatches his brother Gaston to New York to open a US branch of Star Films in an attempt to counter the illegal duping of his films. [ADD]
    Pathé buys out the Lumière's film patents. [ADD]
    Gt. Britain
    Charles Urban
  9/8 - The Coronation of King Edward VII, George Melies recreation of the coronation of Britain's new king which takes place today, is released.   Melies shot the film in time for the coronation's original date (26th June) which was postponed due to illness. [ADD]
  Aug - Charles Urban leaves the Warwick Trading Co to form the Charles Urban Trading Co. [ADD]
    - Gaumont moves film production from Walton-on-Thames to Loughborough Junction in Brixton, London. [ADD]
    Kazimierz Proszynski
  Jan - Kazimierz Proszynski shoots films with his Pleograph. [ADD]
  16/4 - The 200-seat Electric Theater, the first purpose-built cinema in Los Angeles opens for business. [ADD]
  2/5 - Albert E. Smith and J. Stuart Blackton's Vitagraph wins its legal fight with Edison meaning it can resume film production immediately. [ADD]
  26/8 - Patent No. 707934 is awarded to Woodville Latham for the Latham Loop [ADD]
    - Edwin S. Porter films The Life of an American Fireman[ADD]
    Other Films of Note
    The President in Russia [ADD]
    The King of Spain's Coronation [ADD]
    La Poupée merveilleuse (Ferdinand Zecca) [ADD]
    Les Victimes de l'alcoolisme (Ferdinand Zecca) [ADD]
    L'Affaire Humbert (Georges Mendel) [ADD]
    Fun in a Bakery Shop (1902)
    Fun in a Bakery Shop (Edwin S. Porter) [ADD]






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