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The History of Cinema: 1901





The Big Swallow (1901)



  – Finland’s first cinema, The Kinematograf International, opens for business but lasts just a few weeks. [MORE]




  Ferdinand Zecca
  Pathé increases production to 70 films in 1901, the majority of them made by Ferdinand Zecca, Lucien Nonguet and Georges Hatot[MORE]
  Georges Melies makes Barbe-Bleue and Le Petit chaperon rouge (Little Red Riding Hood). [MORE]  



Great Britain

2/2 -

Cecil Hepworth films the funeral of Queen Victoria. [MORE]

Aug -

Britain’s first cinema opens in Upper Street, Islington, London. [MORE]


James Williamson makes The Big Swallow, starring Sam Dalton. [MORE]  


Will Barker establishes the Autoscope company. [MORE]  


Cricks & Martin (initially Cricks & Sharp) is established. [MORE]  

  Leo Kamm's Kammatograph

Leo Ulrich Kamm invents the Kammatograph, a camera which uses a disc instead of celluloid film. [MORE]





7/12 - Harischandra Sakharam Bhatavdekar films Sr. Wrangler Mr. R. P. Paranjpe India's first significant newsreel footage. [MORE]  
  Amarendra Nath Dutta makes use of film for a stage play in Calcutta. [MORE]



Sri Lanka

  – The first films screened in the country are shown to Boer prisoners of war. [ADD] 




10/1 - The licence agreement between Edison and Vitagraph is terminated by Edison when Vitagraph fail to pay a 10% royalty on exhibition income. [MORE]
Feb - Edison’s new studio at 41 East 21st Street, New York is ready for use. [MORE]  
  Thomas Edison
15/7 - Thomas Edison wins his legal battle with Biograph over patent infringements.   Henry Marvin of Biograph immediately appeals Judge Hoyt Henry Wheeler’s ruling and wins an injunction. [MORE]  
  Siegmund Lubin
  – Fearing that he is next in the firing line, Siegmund Lubin flees to Germany following Edison’s legal victory over Biograph. [MORE]
  – Vaudeville managers turn to filmmakers to provide entertainment when the White Rats, the theatrical performers union, organise a strike of their members. [MORE]


  Other Films of Note
  L'Histoire d'un crime (1901)
  A la conquête de l'air (Ferdinand Zecca) [ADD]
  Un drame au fond de la mer (Ferdinand Zecca) [ADD]
  L'Histoire d'un crime (Ferdinand Zecca) [ADD]
  Par le trou de la serrure (Ferdinand Zecca) [ADD]

Great Britain

  Scrooge, or Marley's Ghost (1901)
  Are You There? (James Williamson) [ADD]
  Boer War Series (Mitchell and Kenyon) [ADD]
  Fire! (James Williamson) [ADD]
  The Magic Sword; or a Mediaeval Mystery (W. R. Booth & R. W. Paul) [ADD]
  Scrooge; or Marley's Ghost (W. R. Booth & R. W. Paul) [ADD]
  A Tánc (Bela Zsitovsky) [ADD]
  Edwin S. Porter's Kansas Saloon Smashers (1901)


  Execution of Czolgosz (Edwin S. Porter) [ADD]
  The Finish of Bridget McKeen (Edwin S. Porter) [ADD]
  Kansas Saloon Smashers (Edwin S. Porter) [ADD]
  Mrs Nation and her Hatchet Brigade  [ADD]
  Stockyards Series (Lubin) [ADD]







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