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The History of Cinema: 1900




Reve de noel (1900)

  1/1 - Pathe release Episodes of the Transvaal War [ADD]
  15/2 - Gaumont opens a showroom and markets the Kinora a viewing machine invented by Louis Lumiere in 1896 [ADD]
  15/3 - Dufayel Stores organise sound movie sessions using Charles Pathe's Phonograph [ADD]
  8/4 - Francois Parnaland competes with Pathe & Gaumont [ADD]
  13/5 - The Hippodrome in rue Calaincourt opens [ADD]
  14/5 - The giant Lumiere Cinematograph is displayed at the World’s Fair in Paris [ADD]
  17/6 - Louis Feuillade has his first article published [ADD]
  18/8 - Raoul Grimoin-Sanson's Cineorama is declared bankrupt.[ADD]
  10/9 - Pathe take over Continsouza and Bunzli’s camera factory [ADD]
  30/9 - Leon Gaumont produces pocket Chrono [ADD]
  10/11 - Clement Maurice and Henri Loiret's Phono-Cinema-Theatre re-opens its doors following its success at the World's Fair. [ADD]
  1/12 - Georges Melies releases Reve de Noel [ADD]
    - French film productions start to exceed 10 minutes’ running time [ADD]
    - Ruhmer stages a demonstration of 35mm optical sound recording [ADD]
    Gt. Britain
  28/9 - A half-hour film of the Jeffries-Sharkey fight is made [ADD]
    - The Sheffield Photo Company begins production [ADD]
    - The Warwick Trading Company builds a film studio for G A Smith at St Anne's Well Gardens [ADD]
    - Pathé open an office in London [ADD]
    - The first recorded children’s cinema matinée in Britain is held at Mickleover, Derbyshire [ADD]
    - Major Warwick establishes a cinema in Madras [ADD]
    - F. B. Thanawala starts making the Grand Kinetoscope Newsreels [ADD]
    - Newsreel footage of the Boer War is shown at the Novelty Cinema in Bombay [ADD]
  30/11 - Nederlandse Bioscope Maatschappij puts on the first Indonesian film show in Batavia. [ADD]
  14/6 - Tsunekichi Shibata and K. Fukaya shoot film of the Boxer uprising [ADD]
    - The Anglo-American Tobacco Company of Shanghai sponsors free film shows; customers must present cigarette coupons to gain admission [ADD]
    - Mirza Ebrahim Khan arranges a private showing of films at the Royal Palace in Tehran for the Shah of Persia. [ADD].
    - A show of Lumière films is staged at Dakar, Sénégal [ADD]
    - Prince Sanpasatsuphakit becomes the first Thai to buy and operate a motion picture camera [ADD]
    - The first advertising film made in Uruguay: Oliver, Juncal 108, is directed by Félix Oliver for the family retail business [ADD]
  20/1 - Edison terminates Vitagraph’s licence in retaliation for a threatened lawsuit over disputed royalty payments  [ADD]
  Nov - William Selig incorporates Selig Polyscope [ADD]
    - Siegmund Lubin receives patents for his projectors and continues to defy Thomas Edison's legal challenges [ADD]
    Other Films of Note
    The Enchanted Drawing (1900)
    The Enchanted Drawing (J. Stuart Blackton) [ADD]
    Chinese Massacring Christians (James F. Frawley, Jacob Blair Smith) [ADD]







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