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                      Welcoming committee from War of the Worlds (1953)



Think you know all there is to know about movies?


Well, If you do you’ll already know:


Which movie producer was convicted of murdering his director and hiding the corpse’s severed head in his freezer… (2002)


What Josef Goebbels bought Adolf Hitler for Christmas 1938


Why many Chinese restaurants in Spain were forced to close in 1963 because of a chronic shortage of staff.


Which nation’s leader orchestrated the kidnapping of a visiting foreign director in order to strengthen his own country’s film industry… (1978)


The cost of one of those statuettes actors seem so keen to get their hands on… (21/2/08)*


Which high-profile American directors traded insults through the media in 2008… (8/6/08)*


Welcome to Movie Movie, probably the world’s most extensive chronology of film history.  Charting the growth and development of the cinema from the ‘filming’ of Occident by self-confessed killer Edweard Muybridge in 1878 to the high-tech multi-billion global industry of the 21st Century, this site aims to become the internet’s most authoritative source of information regarding all aspects of film for both serious research and general amusement.  


Within these pages you will find recorded all significant – and many relatively less significant – cinema-related events clearly and accessibly referenced in chronological order and also sub-divided by country.   Where available, a more detailed article regarding the incident in question can then be accessed by clicking the blue [MORE] link.


Although Movie Movie already probably provides more chronologically arranged film information than any other site, it is in a perpetual state of evolution and today, at its inception, merely forms the foundation upon which the vast majority of the content is yet to be constructed.   If you wish to contribute to its development you can do so by clicking on any red [ADD] link, which will take you to our Submission Form.  


In addition to concise and informative articles, we also offer ‘further reading’ lists giving information of books and articles relating to the film, person or event in question.   You will also find, on every page, a link to the Movie Movie Store where you can purchase books and DVDs at highly competitive prices.


We hope you enjoy your visit to our site, and we welcome any feedback you may have.   Please be sure to come back often as material is added on a daily basis.  


*All abbreviated dates are in the British format, i.e. Date/Month/Year


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