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            IMDb - The Internet Movie Database.   This is the Big Daddy of all film sites.   If you can't find the film or person you're thinking of the chances are they don't exist outside of your imagination.

allmovie - Glossy film database with essays and blogs.

The Big Cartoon Database - A searchable database of cartoon information, cartoon character and crew lists.

Pulp and Dagger Fiction - Despite its title this site claims to provide the most extensive listing of Canadian films on the internet.

EOFFTV - Encyclopedia of Fantastic Film and Television.   Over 50,000 entries related to science fiction, fantasy, horror and animated film and television.

Free Movie Encyclopedia - A history of world cinema.

filmsite - a large award-winning site offering a wide range of articles on classic and contemporary movies.

Screen Source - A movie & TV information guide.

TCM Movie Database - A database of over 130,000 movies from the classic movie channel.

The Public Domain Movie Database - A searchable database of public-domain movie information.

Film Database - Complete index to world film since 1895.



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