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    Harry Aitken
  12/1 - Harry Aitken and John Freuler form the Majestic Motion Picture Co. in Chicago. [MORE] [ADD]
    His Trust (1911)
  16/1 - Biograph release D. W. Griffith’s His Trust, followed three days later by His Trust Fulfilled, refusing the director’s wish to see both films screened simultaneously.   [MORE] [ADD]
  31/1 - Vitagraph opens a studio in California. [MORE] [ADD]
    W. W. Hodkinson
  Apr - The separation of production, distribution and exhibition begins to take shape when William Wadsworth Hodkinson, the San Francisco regional representative for the MPPC’s General Film Company, offers a cash advance to independent producers in return for exclusive rights to distribute their films.   This is a move to replace the existing ‘state rights’ system whereby a producer will sell a print outright to any exhibitor, usually at a charge of 10 cents per foot. [MORE] [ADD] 
  14/6 - Biograph present both parts of D. W. Griffith’s two-reel Enoch Arden in one screening.  [MORE] [ADD]
  19/6 - The first state film censorship board is established by the state of Pennsylvania.   [MORE] [ADD]
  8/8 - The first edition of Pathe Weekly is screened in the USA.   [MORE] [ADD]
  30/8 - French production company Eclair opens its first American branch in New York. [MORE] [ADD]    
    Thomas Harper Ince
  1/10 -

Thomas Harper Ince sets new standards in the western genre with his films for Bison Pictures after purchasing the services of the Miller Brothers’ 101 Ranch Wild West Show in California.   The show boasts genuine cowboys, cowgirls, Indians and squaws, as well as trained horses, buffalo, oxen, wagons and stagecoaches.   The films are shot on the 20,000 acres of land that was specifically bought for the purpose of providing an authentic location for the films.   Ince’s first film is War on the Plains. [MORE] [ADD]  

    David Horsley
  2/10 - David Horsley begins building the Nestor studio in Hollywood at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Gower Street. [MORE] [ADD]
    Pathe opens a production studio in the United States. [MORE] [ADD]
    James Quirk publishes Photoplay magazine in Chicago, and Vitagraph’s J. Stuart Blackton publishes Motion Picture Story, thus reputedly beginning the celebrity culture. [MORE] [ADD]
    Adolph Zukor
    Adolph Zukor founds the Engadine Corporation to distribute Italian and French films in the US. [MORE] [ADD]
    – A decision is finally reached in the Kalem Ben Hur copyright case. [MORE] [ADD]

Other Films of Note

    The Lonedale Operator (1911)
    A Tale of Two Cities (J. Stuart Blackton & William Humphrey[MORE] [ADD]
    Little Nemo (Winsor McCay & J. Stuart Blackton[MORE] [ADD]
    The Battle (D. W. Griffith[MORE] [ADD]
    The Lonedale Operator (D. W. Griffith[MORE] [ADD]


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