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The History of American Cinema: 1970















January - June


Midnight Cowboy (1970)





4/2 -

Franklin J. Schaffners Patton premieres in New York. George C. Scott gives a towering performance as the wartime General [ADD]





10/2 -

A slump in the major studios fortunes begins to bite and, as a result, projects are cancelled, delayed, or their budgets cut. Staff are also laid off. The combined total losses of MGM, 20th Century-Fox and Warners is $100 million. [ADD]





11/2 -

A report in Variety reveals that Disneys Song of the South (1946) was withdrawn from circulation in 1958 due to the racist attitudes of its characters. [ADD]





17/2 -

Frank Sinatra is forced to give evidence at a hearing of the State of New Jersey's Commission of Inquiry into Organised Crime. He is questioned about his links with known Mafia members, but denies any contact with the organisation and that the misconception is due to the fact that he once held shares in a Las Vegas casino. Sinatra is cleared of any wrongdoing. [ADD]





5/3 -

Universals all-star blockbuster Airport is released. Burt Lancaster stars as an under siege airport manager who must contend with a vital runway blocked by a snowbound plane and a mad bomber on an incoming flight. The cast also includes Dean Martin, Helen Hayes, Van Heflin, George Kennedy, Lloyd Nolan and Jacqueline Bisset. [ADD]





23/3 -

CBS hold a demonstration of colour video recording in New York and announce that commercial distribution of videotapes will begin in the autumn. Darryl F. Zanuck states that 20th Century-Fox will release films on video five years after their cinema release. [ADD]





25/3 -

Jerry Lewiss first cinema opens in Wayne, New Jersey. The actor has downsized the proposed number of cinemas in his chain from 750 to 355 and is looking for investors. [ADD]





26/3 -

Warner Bros record of the Woodstock festival that took place in August 1969 is released. Directed by Michael Wadleigh, the film features live performances from Jimi Hendrix, Joe Cocker, Joan Baez, The Who, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Arlo Guthrie, Santana, Country Joe and the Fish, Ten Years After, Canned Heat, Richie Havens, Sha-Na-Na, Jefferson Airplane, John Sebastian, Janis Joplin and Sly and the Family Stone. [ADD]





Mar -

The MPAA self-regulatory Code for domestic film releases is amended. The age limit is raised from 16 to 17 and the M category is replaced by GP (Guidance by Parents). [ADD]





7/4 -

John Schlesingers Midnight Cowboy wins the Best Picture Award at the 42nd Annual Academy Awards. [MORE]

    The Green Berets (1969)




16/4 -

Jane Fonda sleeps outside and fasts for 36 hours in protest against the war in Vietnam and against John Wayne's film, The Green Berets. [ADD]





15/6 -

The trial of Charles Manson and five members of his "family" for the murders of Sharon Tate and four other people on 9 August 1969 begins in Los Angeles. [ADD]





17/6 -

Russ Meyers sexploitation movie Beyond the Valley of the Dolls is released by 20th Century-Fox. The film is co-scripted by Meyer and Roger Ebert. [ADD]





23/6 -

Mae West makes a comeback movie at the age of 78 in Mike Sarnes screen adaptation of Gore Vidals Myra Breckinridge. Raquel Welch also stars. [ADD]





24/6 -

Dennis Hopper sues Peter Fonda and his Pandro Company for 3% of the profits from Easy Rider for his contribution to the screenplay. [ADD]





24/6 -

Joseph Hellers satirical war novel Catch-22 is brought to the screen by Mike Nichols. Alan Arkin stars as Yossarian, the US bomber pilot trapped into completing 25 missions by the titular catch. Orson Welles also appears as General Dreedle. [ADD]





The History of Cinema: 1970

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