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The History of American Cinema: 1929







January - April


Broadway Melody (1929)

  2/1 -

A report in Variety claims it will cost a total of nearly $3 million to equip cinemas with sound systems. [ADD]

  1/2 -

Erich von Stroheim is fired as director of Queen Kelly after shooting four hours of footage which amounts to only one-third of his planned running time.   The film is not released in the US until 1985. [ADD]

  1/2 -

MGM’s Broadway Melody, the first all-talking musical feature, premieres in Los Angeles.   The film features a musical sequence, ‘The Wedding of the Painted Doll’ filmed in two-strip Technicolor. [ADD]

  3/3 -

William Fox announces plans to acquire a $50 million shareholding in Loew’s Incorporated, much to the outrage of Louis B. Mayer, chief of MGM, in whom Loew’s have a majority stake. [ADD]

    Hearts in Dixie (1929)
  10/3 -

Hearts in Dixie, the first all-black cast film is released.   It stars Stepin Fetchit and is directed by Paul Sloane. [ADD]

  6/4 -

The Wild Party, ‘It’ Girl Clara Bow’s first sound film is released. [ADD]

  10/4 -

US film companies implement a ban on French film imports. [ADD]

  26/4 -

Warner Brothers decides to break the boycott on French films, but is pressured into changing its decision by the MPPDA. [ADD]

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