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The History of South Korean Cinema from1981 to the Present Day


A Woman’s Diary, Koreas first colour film, is released.   It is directed by Hong Seong-gi. [MORE] [ADD]


– Protests from the Automobile and Transport Workers Union about the portrayal of the bus industry in A Girl Who Came to the City results in the film being withdrawn. [MORE] [ADD]


– The government establishes the Korean Film Company. [MORE] [ADD]


South Korea 1984: Other Films of Note




The Wheel (Lee Doo Yong) [MORE] [ADD]

    – Major US studios are allowed to distribute their films following pressure from the Motion Picture Exporters Association of America. [MORE] [ADD]

South Korea 1987: Other Films of Note




Songgong Sidae (The Age of Success) (Jang Sun-Woo) [MORE] [ADD]

    – Domestic film makers unite to request exhibitors not to screen American imports in an effort to control its own film market. [MORE] [ADD]

South Korea 1988: Other Films of Note




Chil-Su and Man-Su(???) (Park Kwang-Su) [MORE] [ADD]

  Sheen Sang Okk and Choi Eun Hee return to South Korea.  The director and his actress wife were kidnapped in 1978 by Kim Jong Il, the movie buff son of the North Korean leader Kim Il Sung, in an attempt to use their talents to boost the status of North Korean filmmaking.  [MORE] [ADD] 

Films of Note




Homo Videocus (Lee Jae-Yong, Byun Hyuk) [MORE] [ADD]




Silver Stallion (Chang Kil Soo) [MORE] [ADD]




Son of a General (Im Kwon Faek) [MORE] [ADD]

    White Badge (1992)


  5/10 -

Over 120,000 Koreans have seen Ji-yeong Jeong's anti-war film, White Badge, since its release in January. [MORE] [ADD]


South Korea 1992: Other Films of Note




Peach Blossom Land (Stan Lai) [MORE] [ADD]




Pushing Hands (Ang Lee) [MORE] [ADD]


Films of Note


Sae Sang Bakuro (Out of the World) (Yeo Kyun-Dong) [MORE] [ADD]


Films of Note


The Day a Pig Fell into the Well (Hong Sang-Soo) [MORE] [ADD]




A Hot Roof (Lee Min-Yong) [MORE] [ADD]




Sechinku (Three Friends) [MORE] [ADD]


Films of Note


Chorok Mulgoki (Green Fish) (Lee Chang-Dong) [MORE] [ADD]




Motel Cactus (Park Ki-Yong) [MORE] [ADD]

    The long-lasting ban on Japanese films is finally lifted.  [MORE] [ADD]
  18/4 - The Korean film industry produced 194 films exported to 62 countries and earning $58.3 million overseas in 2004. [MORE] [ADD]
    G.P. 506 (2008)



16/1 -

Women’s Team Handball, Yim Soon-rye’s sports picture about Korea’s 2004 Olympics women’s handball team is released.   Moon So-ri and Kim Jung-eun head an ensemble cast. [MORE] [ADD]





4/3 -

The Korean Film Archive discovers a print of the silent 1934 film Crossroads of Youth, making it the country’s oldest existing film. [MORE]





3/4 -

Gong Soo-chang’s The Guard Post (G.P. 506) is released.   An ensemble cast includes Cheon Ho-jin, Cho Hyeon-je and Lee Yeong-hoon. [MORE] [ADD]





12/5 -

The Korean Film Archive inaugurates a new national film museum and cinematheque. [MORE]





17/7 -

The ‘Korean Western’ Joheunnom nabbeunnom isanghannom (The Good, the Bad and the Weird) is released.   It becomes Korea’s fastest selling film of 2008 to reach 4 million admissions. [MORE] [ADD]





2/10 -

The body of 39-year-old actress Choi Jin-sil is found in the bathroom of her home in Seoul.   Police report that she appears to have hanged herself. [MORE]





27/10 -

My Wife Got Married tops the Korean box office upon its release.  [MORE] [ADD]


6/1 -

Yoo Ha’s Frozen Flower, an adults-only rated historical drama about a ménage-a-trois between a king, his queen and a bodyguard, grosses $6.53 million (approx. £4.37 million) in the seven days since its release on 30th December 2008, a domestic record for an adult-only release. [MORE] [ADD]

  24/2 -

Chung-Ryoul Lee’s Old Partner, a documentary about an old man, his cow and his complaining but sympathetic wife unexpectedly tops the South Korean box office, prompting the film’s producer, Koh Young-jae to hold a press conference asking the media to respect the couple’s privacy. [MORE] [ADD]

  4/5 -

Thirst, Park Chan-wook’s vampire tale, is released to a positive response from the public.   The film grosses $4.1 million (£2.7 million) in its opening weekend, easily beating X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which take in $2.5 million from 40 less screens.  Local films My Girlfriend is an Agent and Insadong Scandal occupy third and fourth spots as the Korean film industry continues to enjoy a boom. [MORE] [ADD]

  28/5 -

Bong Joon-Ho’s eagerly awaited thriller Mother goes on general release.   It achieves over one million admissions by the end of its first weekend. [MORE] [ADD]

  4/8 -

5 million people see tsunami disaster movie Haeundae within two weeks of its release. [MORE] [ADD]

  10/11 - Cho Hee-moon, the Chairman of the Korean Film Council (KOFIC) is forced to resign amidst accusations that he pressured selection committee members to choose certain projects over others for Independent Film Production Support programme grants. [ADD]
  10/1 -

Park Chan-wook premieres Paranmanjang (Night Fishing), a short fantasy-horror film shot entirely on an iPhone. [ADD]

  5/7 - Park Jeong-wu's horror movie Deranged, about a water-borne parasite that drives it's human victims insane before killing them, is released. [ADD]
  11/7 - The Seodaemun Art Hall, Seoul's last old-style one-screen cinema, closes down after 48 years.   The last film shown is Vittorio De Sica's neo-realist classic, Bicycle Thieves (1948).   The cinema's operator demonstrated her frustration at it's closure by publicly shaving her head. [ADD]


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