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The History of British Cinema: 1970












Ryan's Daughter (1970)





3/2 -

London police seize a copy of Andy Warhols Flesh together with a projector from the cinema screening it. The case is later withdrawn and the properties returned. [ADD]





1/7 -

The British Board of Film Censors introduces the AA classification. Children under the age of 14 are barred from films carrying an AA certificate. Also, the age limit for X-rated films is raised from 16 to 18. [ADD]





24/9 -

Joseph Losey's adaptation of L. P. Hartleys novel The Go-Between is released. The script is written by playwright Harold Pinter and Dominic Guard, Julie Christie, Alan Bates and Michael Redgrave star. [ADD]





9/12 -

David Leans Ryans Daughter is released by MGM. The film took ten months to write and almost a year to shoot on location in Ireland. Sarah Miles, Robert Mitchum, John Mills and Christopher Jones star. [ADD]






1970 sees a massive withdrawal of American finance from British film production. [ADD]






- The Associated British Pictures Corporation becomes the EMI Film and Theatre Corporation. [ADD]






MGM closes its studio at Elstree and forms EMI-MGM Elstree Studios with EMI at the former ABPC studios. [ADD]


- A new film law renews the National Film Finance Corporation, and increases the funds of the British Film Fund Agency to provide grants for the British Film Institute Production Board and the prospective National Film and Television School. [ADD]


Other Key British Films of 1970

    The Railway Children (1970)



Leo the Last (John Boorman) [ADD]




Let it Be (Michael Lindsay-Hogg) [ADD]




The Music Lovers (Ken Russell) [ADD]




One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch (Caspar Wrede) [ADD]




Performance (Nicolas Roeg) [ADD]




    The Railway Children (Lionel Jeffries) [ADD]

The History of Cinema: 1970

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