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The History of West German Cinema












Erich Pommer

  12/10 -

Filmaufbau GmbH begins production in Goettingen after receiving its production licence from the British Authorities [ADD]




Erich Pommer is appointed Film Production Control Officer with the remit to rebuild the German film industry during the process of national reconstruction [ADD]




Following the Nazi surrender, US officer and director Billy Wilder is sent to Bad Homburg to report on the reconstruction of the German film industry. [ADD]




Arthur Brauner founds the CCC production company in West Berlin, but must wait until the spring of 1949 to receive his licence. [ADD]

  9/12 -

Josef von Bakys Und ber uns der Himmel, the first post-war production to receive an American licence, is released. [ADD]


Approximately 70% of films exhibited in the American sector of Germany are produced in Hollywood. [ADD]

    Veit Harlan

Spring -

Arthur Brauners CCC Production company is awarded the licence it requires to begin production. [ADD]




Apr -

Veit Harlan, the director of the notorious Nazi film Jud S, is found not guilty of crimes against humanity by the Hamburg district court. [ADD]





15/7 -

Allied control of German film production is replaced by a production code based on the American one. [ADD]




18/7 -

The Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle der Filmwirtschaft (FSK - Voluntary Censorship of the German Film Industry) starts operating in Wiesbaden. [ADD]




Sep -

The British and American military governments pass the Lex Ufi divestiture legislation which places Reich film assets under the administration of trustees until it can be auctioned off.   It also orders the dissolution of UFA. [ADD]


Other Key German Films of 1949

  Liebe '47 (1949)

Liebe 47 (Wolfgang Liebeneiner) [ADD]



Germany: 1941-1945

West Germany: 1951-1955






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