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The History of German Cinema: 1911-1915













Asta Nielsen and Urban Gad








  1/6 Asta Neilsen and Urban Gad form the International Film Sales Company, with Paul Davidson as senior partner. [ADD]
  11/8 - The country’s first full-length feature film, Im Grossen Augenblick, is released.   Asta Neilsen and Hugo Flink are directed by Urban Gad. [ADD]
  31/12 - Deutsche Bioskop build a glass-walled studio in Babelsberg on grounds measuring 40,000 square metres. [ADD]


  28/2 -

Alfred Duskes founds Literaria Film. [ADD]

  28/2 -

Filming of Der Totentanz starring Asta Neilsen begins.   It is the first film to be shot in Deutsche Bioskop’s new glass studios south-west of Berlin. [ADD]

  15/5 -

A municipal by-law bans admittance to children, and smoking in cinemas in Berlin. [ADD]

  31/12 -

Paul Davidson transfers the offices of his production company Projection-AG Union (PAGU) to Berlin and begins building the Tempelhof studios. [ADD]


Key German Films of 1912


Der Student von Prag


Das Mirakel (Max Reinhardt) [ADD]

    Der Student von Prag (Paul Wegener & Henrik Galeen) [ADD]

Der Totentanz (Urban Gad) [ADD]




Erich Pommer

  Mar -

Erich Pommer, Managing Director of Deutsche Éclair, buys the majority of the capital from Eclair, the parent company. [ADD]

  1/8 -

Cinema circuit owners Dekage (Deutsche Kinematograph Gesellschaft) expand into film production and sign Viggo Larsen, Suzanne Grandais and Yvette Andreyor. [ADD]


Max Reinhardt

  3/10 -

Avant-garde stage director Max Reinhardt makes his first film, Die Insel der Seligen, for PAGU.   [ADD]


Oskar Messter founds Messter Film GmbH [ADD]


Other Key German Films of 1913

    Engelein (1913)

Der Andere (Max Mack) [ADD]


Bumkes series (Gerhard Damman) [ADD]


…denn alle Schuld racht sich auf erden (Stellan Rye) [ADD]

Engelein  [ADD]

Die Filmprimadonna (Urban Gad) [ADD]


Der Student von Prag (Stellan Rye) [ADD]


Die Suffragette (Urban Gad) [ADD]


Eine venezianische Nacht (Max Reinhardt) [ADD]


Richard Wagner (William Wauer, Carl Froelich) [ADD]



  Oct -

Oskar Messter’s weekly newsreel, Messter-Woche, begins. [ADD]


Emil Jannings


Emil Jannings makes his film debut in Im Schutzengraben (In the Trenches). [ADD]


Erich Pommer founds Decla (Deutsche Eclair) after the outbreak of war in Europe means he can no longer continue as Eclair’s Central European representative. [ADD]


Other Key German Films of 1914

    Engeleins Hochzeit (1914)

Engeleins Hochzeit (Urban Gad) [ADD]


Vordertreppe und Hintertreppe (Urban Gad) [ADD]





Ernst Lubitsch

  21/5 -

Ernst Lubitsch directs his debut film, On the Slippery Slope. [ADD]


Erich Pommer


Erich Pommer and Fritz Holz found the Decla production company. [ADD]

Other Key German Films of 1915

Der Bar von Baskerville (Harry Piel) [ADD]


Ihr Unteroffizier (Alfred Halm) [ADD]



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