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The History of German Cinema: 2011







Bernd Eichinger (image: Gerhard Heeke)

  24/1 -

Bernd Eichinger, the film producer responsible for such international hits as The Baader-Meinhof Complex, Downfall, and The Name of the Rose, dies suddenly from a heart attack during dinner with friends in Los Angeles at the age of 61. [ADD]

  3/2 -

Til Schweiger’s Kokowääh is released.   It tops the domestic box office over its opening weekend, with three times as many admissions as the second-placed Black Swan. [ADD]

  4/2 -

Two computer hard drives and two laptops containing the final digital version Khordorkovsky, Cyril Tuschi’s documentary about a deposed Russian oligarch and outspoken critic of the Kremlin, are stolen from the director’s office, fuelling conspiracy theories about Kremlin involvement in the theft. [ADD]

  16/2 -

While searching for material for his forthcoming documentary film How the Third Reich was Recorded, Australian filmmaker Philippe Mora discovers two 3D films produced for Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Geobbels in 1936. [MORE]

  19/2 - Asghar Farhadi's Jodaeiye Nader az Simin (Nader And Simin, A Separation) wins the Golden Bear award at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival. [MORE]
  10/3 - Yasemin Samdereli's Almanya - Wilkommen in Deutschland (Almanya - Welcome to Germany) is released.   The film, which tells the story of three generations of Turkish immigrant workers in Germany, stars Vedat Erincin and Lilay Huser. [ADD]

The History of Cinema: 2011

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