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The History of German Cinema: 1906-1910











    The newly established Union Theatre (UT) cinema chain opens its first cinema in Frankfurt-am-Main.  [ADD]
    Paul Davidson’s Allgemeine Kinematographen- Theater Gesellschaft, Union Theater für lebende und Tonbilder GmbH, the first German film stock company, is established in Frankfurt. [ADD}
    – The Berlin police force establishes pre-release censorship of films. [ADD]

Key German Films of 1906

    Der Hauptmann von Kopenick (H. B. Baeckers)  [ADD]
    Der Hauptmann von Kopenick (Carl Buderus, Carl Sonneman) [ADD]
    Der Hauptmann von Kopenick (Schaub) [ADD]
    Ein Volksgericht oder Die Zeit des Schreckens und des Grauens (A. Moeller) [ADD]



Max Skladanowsky


1/2 -

German claims that the cinema was invented by Max Skladanowsky are disputed by the French, who claim it was invented by the Lumieres.  [ADD]
    – The educational potential of film is promoted by the Kinoreformbewegung (Cinema Reform Movement). [ADD]
    Der Kinematograph - Organ für die gesamte Projektionskunst (... - Magazine for the Whole Field of Film Exhibition), the country’s first trade magazine, is founded. [ADD]

Key German Films of 1907

    Die Rauber (Kunstmaler Beyer) [ADD]



13/11 -

The International convention of Author’s Rights agrees that films “having a personal and original form” should be legally protected. [ADD]


– Report cards for censored films are introduced in Berlin. [ADD]




4/9 -

The UT circuit opens a 1,000-seat cinema in Alexanderplatz, Berlin. [ADD]


– After splitting from Deutsche Bioscop-GmbH, Jules Greenbaum founds the Deutsche Vitascope Gessellschaft film company and builds studios south-west of Berlin. [ADD]


Key German Films of 1909

The Arthur Series, featuring Arthur Mellini (Mellini, Karl Pahl) [ADD]

Don Juan heiratet (starring Curt Bois) (Heinrich Bolten-Baeckers) [ADD]

Der Kleine Detectiv (starring Curt Bois) (Heinrich Bolten-Baeckers) [ADD]

Klebolin klebt alles (starring Curt Bois) (Heinrich Bolten-Baeckers) [ADD]


Mutterliebe (starring Curt Bois) (Duskes) [ADD]


Prosit Neujahr 1910! (Guido Seeber) [ADD]



  1/5 - Paul Davidson forms the Projection Aktien Gesellschaft Union (PAGU) in response to the creation of FIAG (Film Industrie Anonym Gesellschaft) in April 1909 by industrialist Von Schack which was intended to unite German exhibitors into a single organisation. [ADD]
  3/8 -

Berlin cinema owners protest against a performance tax proposed by the city’s mayor. [ADD]

  20/8 -

The UT Network opens its second theatre on Berlin’s Unter den Linden. [ADD]

  Sep -

The country’s first purpose-built cinemas are opened. [ADD]



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