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The History of French Cinema: 1992












Indochine (1992)





25/3 -

Steven Soderbergh visits Paris to promote the release of his second feature, Kafka, starring Jeremy Irons, Theresa Russell and Alec Guinness. [ADD]





12/4 -

Five years after its conception, the $4.5 billion European Disneyland opens at a site 25 miles east of Paris. [ADD]





15/4 -

Régis Wargnier’s war drama Indochine, starring Catherine Deneuve as a wealthy landowner who has an affair with a young officer during the Vietnamese fight for independence. [ADD]





6/5 -

Marlene Dietrich dies of kidney failure in Paris at the age of 91.   The actress had not left her apartment since 1980. [ADD]


21/10 -

Cyril Collard's Les Nuits Fauves (Savage Nights), about a young photographer's coming to terms with being diagnosed with HIV, is released.   Collard himself is a sufferer of the disease. [ADD]


Other Key French Films of 1992


L’Amant (Jean-Jacques Annaud) [ADD]




Betty (Claude Chabrol) [ADD]




Un coeur en hiver (Claude Sautet) [ADD]




Conte d’hiver (Eric Rohmer) [ADD]




La Crise (Coline Serreau) [ADD]




Dien Bien Phu (Pierre Schoendoerffer) [MORE] [ADD]




La Guerre sans nom (Bertrand Tavernier) [MORE] [ADD]





L.627 (Bertrand Tavernier) [MORE] [ADD]

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