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The History of French Cinema












L'Enfant sauvage (1970)





9/1 -

Claude Sautet’s Les Choses de la vie (The Things of Life) wins this year’s Louis Delluc Prize. The film, Sautet’s fourth, stars Romy Schneider, Michel Piccoli and Lea Massari. [ADD]





26/2 -

François Truffaut’s L'Enfant sauvage (The Wild Child), is released. Jean-Pierre Cargol stars in the title role as a wild boy found in woods in central France who is taken under the wing of Dr. Jean Itard of the Institute for the Deaf and Dumb in Paris in 1798. [ADD]





27/2 -

Claude Chabrol's new film Le Boucher (The Butcher) is released. Jean Yanne plays Popaul, an overweight butcher whom sweetheart Helene (Stéphane Audran) fears may be the serial killer stalking the village in which they live. [ADD]





1/3 -

Jacques Demy begins filming the Charles Perrault fairytale, Peau-d'ane (Donkey Skin aka The Magic Donkey), at the Château de Chambord in Paris. [ADD]





9/3 -

Swiss film critic and historian, Freddy Buache wins the Armand Tallier prize in Paris for the best film book for Le Cinéma italien d'Antonioni à Rosi (1969), published by The Age of Man. [ADD]





20/3 -

Alain Delon and Jean-Paul Belmondo appear together for the first time in Borsalino, a tale of gangsters in 1930s Marseille. The stars, who got on well during filming, subsequently fall out over a row about billing. [ADD]





27/3 -

An article in Le Film français condemns the ‘unhealthy nature’ of contemporary French films, declaring that "a small group of neurotic intellectuals and film merchants show no hesitation in corrupting our nation and, in particular, our young people." [ADD]

    l'Aveu (1970)




29/4 -

Yves Montand stars in Costa-Gavras’ political thriller, L'Aveu (The Confession). The film, in which Montand plays Artur London, who is imprisoned and tortured during the political purge in Czechoslovakia in 1951, is based on a true story. [ADD]





16/5 -

Robert Altman’s anti-war satire, M*A*S*H, wins the Grand Prix at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. [ADD]





23/5 -

40 conservationists from the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF) begin a campaign to raise government and public awareness to the need for film preservation. [ADD]





20/6 -

François Truffaut is reported to be seen selling La Cause du peuple (The People's Cause), a political pamphlet, with Jean Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir on the streets of Paris. [ADD]





5/8 -

The first drive-in in the Paris region opens in Rungis. [ADD]





14/8 -

Abel Gance signs a contract with Claude Lelouch to re-release Gance’s reconstructed 1927 silent epic Napoléon. [ADD]





12/11 -

Cinemas are closed as a mark of respect to General Charles de Gaulle who died on 9th November. [ADD]





7/12 -

Henri Duchemin, a worker at the Simca factory in Paris, calls for the seizure of Claude Lelouch's film Le Voyou because one of the characters has the same name as him. [ADD]


Other Key French Films of 1970

    Claire's Knee (1970)

Domicile conjugal (Francois Truffaut) [ADD]




La Faute de l'abbé Mouret (Georges Franju) [ADD]




Le Genou de Claire (Claire‘s Knee) (Eric Rohmer) [ADD]




Peau d'âne (Jacques Demy) [ADD]




Le Petit théâtre de Jean Renoir (Jean Renoir) [ADD]




La Rupture (Claude Chabrol) [ADD]




Le Vent d’est (Jean-Luc Godard, Jean-Pierre Gorin) [ADD]


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