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The History of French Cinema:1941














Jud Suss (1940)





14/2 -

Veit Harlan’s anti-Jewish German propaganda film Jew Suss is released to a positive response. [ADD]





30/6 -

The Vichy Government calls on Abel Gance to prove his Aryan origins to the head of the cinema industry. [ADD]





Sep -

German censorship over film distribution in the occupied zone is enforced. [ADD]





Oct -

Films recorded on reduced formats are banned in favour of the 16mm format. [ADD]





31/12 -

The Propaganda Division of the cinema’s regulating body enact six statutes which include the exclusion of Jews from all areas of filmmaking. [ADD]





31/12 -

The three taxes applicable to the revenue of the film industry – social, state and municipal – are replaced by one tax proportionately related to box office revenue. [ADD]






– A technical control service is created to standardise equipment used throughout the domestic film industry. [ADD] 






– The COIC abolish fixed film rental tariffs and establish a minimum film rental of 20% for films over two years old  and 25% to 50% for more recent films. [ADD]



– Programming agreements developed between cinemas during the depression are made illegal. [ADD]


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The History of Cinema: 1941

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